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  1. Prefers not to rent a router flash. But I understand that infrastructure replacement is expected, so a modem-router that I will buy independently now, say 400 NIS, may not fit in about a year or two years? I know this list: but still asking recommendation
  2. Asking for a recommendation to purchase a vdsl router modem (I am a Bezeq customer) instead of the device that the company has provided me in recent years ... basic family internet uses without much hassle.
  3. [Correction: 16G memory ddr3] The thermal ointment was replaced about a year ago the ssd in 2/3 contents do not want a lot of software in the background. Most of the time I with Linux will learn how to run stress tests and temperatures but I would love if you would write me what is considered in the norm range in both thanks for comparing CPU year it definitely gives me proportion. I guess in the end I will leave things as they are and in time I will just upgrade a trinity
  4. 12g ddr3 memory was a bit slow in games but not complaining and filling up a long time ago I did not play. In day-to-day work there is an occasional feeling of being slower than before. Sometimes the CPU gets stuck on something by 90% in what appears to be no real reason ... sometimes the keyboard lags (it takes a while for the letters to appear on the screen or until a backspace sequence really takes me back) but maybe it's the keyboard itself. There is no emergency and everything is dragging on but suddenly I am feeling that somehow sometime soon the business will get stuck. To me it's just a feeling. I thought that if it was possible to find a more powerful used processor that fits my motherboard, a newer but not really up-to-date generation, maybe this is an opportunity to keep the situation for another two or three years.
  5. I have an i5-3470 processor asus P8H77-M LE board assuming I am not going to replace the whole trinity, is there a used processor from previous generations that I can insert in the existing board, on the existing board, and feel a significant improvement? The work is usually simple office, no heavy software, the few games I play once every few months if at all they are from previous years in the range up to 3 backwards .. do not anticipate installation of modern games in the future. The GTX 1070 graphics card
  6. Thanks for the comments. I understand that pomegranate is a good option. I have a vpn service I purchased on a computer and laptops for my own use. I did not think to use for the kids. Should I use it? Can any of you recommend cell phone monitoring apps?
  7. Hi, for the first cell phone for offspring we decided to study the field (we will start with a stupid phone to experiment and move on to smart when requested. Probably very fast ..) Intention to privacy and information security, content tracking, etc. Although the subject is not foreign to us, we decided to dive in more seriously. Asks for recommendations for applications / computer software that will help us, as well as a reference to study material on the subject. Thanks in advance to experts in the field and other sober parents! (If there is a more appropriate forum for discussion I would love to post)
  8. Is there some marginal interest in reporting an exact residential address to guys in Spotify?
  9. Looking for a mobile for office work. Focus on minimum weight, size 13.3 cs and less preferably, and battery time. Look, design, etc. are not important to me. Whatever the case, it should be able to effectively replace my stationary in case of a life failure. That means connecting in HDMI to the screen, and having at least 2 traditional USB connections. 1. Debating between this lightweight ASUS - UX331UAL, but which requires a very high fee for warranty expansion, and my preference for something solid but more expensive from Dell 2. (I've also seen computers that meet requirements with a 10th generation processor that's even lower priced and I'm not Understand how it is ..) 3. Anyone know if there is still a problem with store inventory? 4. And speaking of responsibility, I saw terrible reviews of Asus's service in the country, and on the other hand I realized that Del's service had also changed in quality due to a particular lab with a rock-climbing animal name handling it. Is this still true or is there news in the field? Thanks in advance to the assistants
  10. I probably didn't explain myself well enough, that's exactly my question: I keep working on the drive I bought, and want to use both as a backup. Would you trust the second external drive in question as a backup for a few years of use, or would you rather buy a new one?
  11. A3 also has problems with the ONE interface. There is no built-in scanner, it is difficult to find the settings in a menu that is different from the regular Android and there are some that do not seem to exist at all. I too have been with MIUI for years without an mi account and now that it's time to switch debating if it's not time to abandon their great devices for something else .. Too bad there are no real competitors for their mid-range devices.
  12. Okay thanks I understand that the solution is in the cloud
  13. I have 2 external disks bought together of the Transcend storejet type it looks like this but I'm not sure this is exactly this generation. One has been in use for about 4 years, and the other is rarely used I know that discs can die suddenly, should you use the second unused disk or not rely on it?
  14. It seems to me that with the installation it gives both options. And if I remember correctly encrypting the entire disk slows down the rise of the computer? If I reinstall a disk that already has windows alongside Linux. I guess the new Linux installation I can only do on the previous Linux space right?
  15. It's not pigs it's business / business / deal. And don't have to buy. I, too, gave up a purchase because the inventory was depleted, and the prices of what was high were high.
  16. Whose model was announced in 2017/18? This is a dell with the Cabby Lake processor. Comes without an operating system If so, how do you do it?
  17. Still waiting for latitude with ice lake even on the company website they are still with 8th generation processors
  18. Economic success or vice versa affects research and development budgets and the formulation of planning and production strategies. Relevant, no?
  19. Does anyone have experience in purchasing a refurbished computer? Have any of you used one of these in the workplace and know what situation they are being sent for recycling ../ "from renewal"? Maybe some of them are not renewed but simply surplus unsold? Is a battery replacement (costing a few hundred shekels) expected to have a normal range of use? I would love to receive recommendations for and against thank you in advance
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