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  1. This card does not exist in a vacuum, and a 70% increase in price for 8% performance is not a big deal. Not that you can find it at all, but fulfilled.
  2. Not sure what cooling you are using, but I have not seen my 5900 X reach 87 even once even after two hours of play.
  3. I am the satisfied owner of the LG 34GK950F- a screen with such a resolution with an IPS panel and 144hz. A respectable fine arose. There is also HDR but the function is not particularly equal and mostly burns the eyes. The screen supports Freesync2. The new computer to run games on it reasonably well is already on the way but at the moment it is also doom with a native resolution of 50 to 70 frames per second in medium stings it is a pleasure, no more cuts in fast motion, hard to explain how everything is smooth including screen. Disadvantages- High resolution for the current tin computer. Non-standard resolution = blank areas on websites or blacks with 10: 16 content. The screen is so big that getting to all the sockets in the back is a story. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
  4. For me the problem is mostly with the silly name. Calling it the 4000 series mistakenly implies that it's somehow the new architecture, when it's not.
  5. Qualcomm's monopoly is hampering the progress of Android and Windows on arm processing capabilities. I doubt Apple is somehow really better at designing processors, more like Qualcomm feel comfortable tapping into consumers by selling disabled processors where the 5G modem comes apart but is coupled to the processor to demand some more money.
  6. Maybe I'm just optimistic, but there won't be a significant increase in hardware prices this year because otherwise people won't be able to buy that epidemic, recession, etc. Or I convince myself that I need a new computer and I don't deserve to pay by hand and foot for less successful hardware than a third-party console.
  7. I think all the exhibitions and conferences that can go online should stay there. Too bad the fuel, the pollution, the thousands of dollars spent on hotel rooms and attendance fees.
  8. That's right now, but not for another six months when the PlayStation 5 SSD reaches 5.5 gigabits per second, and the Ex-Box 3.5, and considering that it's dedicated hardware, to keep up with the PlayStation 5, you'll need one a little faster, when it comes to configuration PCIE 4.0 costs a fortune, around $ 250 per terra.
  9. With great power comes a great price hike. Willing to bet that we'll get another $ 50 fine on all the various tickets. The reasons are: virus, supply problems, no competitors and possible, and some lie.
  10. Although I understand this argument, I would not want to find myself investing NIS 3000 on a reasonable gaming computer now and find myself completely replacing it in two years as developers begin to learn how to properly console hardware and AMD decides they are tired and it is time to replace Socket (Intel like that) Replace Soket every week and a half). My inner feeling is that the days when a computer is replaced every three years are over and so it is better to throw a few hundred shekels on a proper processor that will last at least another whole console generation (8 cores, 8 years). In the home-working age that my home computer is used for both work and personal use I find myself running a thousand windows at a time and that the processor and memory are no longer enough even for that. Each and every one of his needs (and his budget).
  11. With next-generation consoles that come with a Ryzen 3700 equivalent, NVMe SSD, and 16 GB memory, 4-core processors will unfortunately lose their relevance and finally force me to upgrade after eight (or maybe 9 until then). Reizen 3 / 4900x in NZXT H1 Here I come.
  12. Each generation they present a stunning demo and at the end we get a game that looks standard. It's spectacular, but games won't really look that way. The environment is completely static, there are no NPCs and enemies. Keep in mind that the games will also have to run on the previous generation of consoles - the Pro and the X, which are all just average PCs nowadays and you didn't get to move as much as the blood pretended. Don't think we're even in the blood of Enrile 3.9 at today's graphic level. Either way, I will have to upgrade because my 4 cores will no longer suffice.
  13. These processors are good for now, not for another year from now. The approaching problem is the next generation of consoles, which will probably not be rejected, dictating the minimum need for 8-core Ryzen 3700 and 16GB minimum memory, which will happen from November. Good for limited-budget gamers? Yes, but another year they will start to feel the savings translated into a bad experience.
  14. All phones this year could have been cheaper if Qualcomm wouldn't have forced everyone to buy the 5G X55 modem as a package with the main processor. Most people would prefer a cheaper device than a fifth-generation support that barely exists yet.
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