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  1. You can not expect from HTZONE that the page is constantly refreshed.
  2. I wrote about the AOC review on the site. Search Run.
  3. Make sure the m.2 connection board is connected to the pcie (available on all new boards but always worth checking). Also, the NVME you buy is appropriate in terms of length and keying (can be found in the motherboard specification). Google image only to illustrate lengths and keyings
  4. I went for the 33 because it is 150mm compared to the 34 which is 157mm. My case is pretty small and antec recommend up to 155mm for it.
  5. Thanks, I bought at the end of the Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE. Probably overkill, but at least it will be quiet.
  6. Hi, I would love to recommend a cooling to the above processor for up to NIS 100 (prefer to order from Amazon) the stock that came with it is very noisy so it is important to me that the new one is quiet. My chassis is a little small: Anter P5, so please consider. Thanks!
  7. You will see this discussion that I opened a few months ago:
  8. Cannot represent them as an attorney in the hearing itself unless the plaintiff is an attorney or an attorney on his behalf. Whatever the case, be sure that the attorney will properly instruct whoever he represents them.
  9. Excellent viewing angle (nonetheless, IPS panel). The colors are good (at least for the inks like me, not a graphic designer or photo editor on the computer). I didn't feel any special problems or smells in the games (witcher, starcraft2, LoL). Sharp image. As I wrote before, in terms of display quality, it doesn't fall short. Yes I found one burned pixel (in the bottom right corner, slightly above the TASK BAR and not in the middle of the screen, so not interrupted), I did not try to exercise responsibility because of it.
  10. I already bought it. Very satisfied, no less than quality. The only downsides for me are that it has no USB connections (for some reason decided to add an 3.5 headphone connection) and that the stand is not adjustable at all (only vertical angle) and does not support VESA so you cannot connect to something else
  11. How long have I wanted to upgrade my 2212HM screen to something bigger? Does anyone have this screen? I can get it in 1000 (HTZONE) and it looks really not bad deal. I'm used to DELL screens, but their IPS 27 "2K screen costs double. For general use: programming, browsing and reading, watching movies, games.
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