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  1. I built the specs for the purpose of gaming, it looks pretty good I just want a final opinion before I make the order. What do you think about the specs? Would you exchange anything? (My budget up to 3600)
  2. Have you noted that you need to carefully choose the field you choose to focus on, can you please expand on the areas that are there and their difficulty?
  3. Hi, I am currently serving in the army and my departures are a week - a week I have a year and 8 months left for service and I want to take advantage of the week to study programming so that when I graduate I can find a job I read the book python crash course and I am currently in the book projects. People who have studied on their own and managed to find a job I would love tips, when to move to a new language ??, which projects will improve my programming skills? In addition, a question for those who know the field, the salary of a programmer without a degree is the same as a programmer with a degree? If not, how long will the gap be reduced?
  4. I am currently in the army and started learning programming in my spare time (know the basics of Python) I want to start learning about algorithms and data structures I saw a lot of recommendations for the book: the algorithm design manual The problem is that it is written in c and I do not know it well Do you know a good book on the subject written in Python? (It is important that it be practical with examples and exercises) Or do you think it is better for me to study c and read the first book?
  5. How is it in terms of prestige compared to universities in the country? In how many years did he do his degree? Did he work while? One may ask with what salary he started?
  6. I am interested in starting a degree at the Open University (Computer Science) I have some concerns I would be happy if you express your opinion on the subject A 1. The main concern is on behalf of the university prestige, I know the material studied is high level but I have no idea if employers look favorably on this institution . To which university institution would you compare it in terms of prestige? 2. The requirements for a channel beyond Tel Aviv University are not visible in the sky (87 average and a minimum score of 80 in several courses) for students / graduates in this audience do you think is possible? 3. How difficult is the degree in the open when it is spread over 5-6 years and combined with work? 4. After how long during the degree (when deployed for 5-6 years) can you find a job as an intern? If I find a job, how soon will I get a full-time job? Only at the end of the degree or before? Thank you so much everyone
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