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  1. I see that CTRL + R is also possible, but I would love to know about the F5, thanks
  2. Hello, I have always been used to pressing F5 to refresh my browser, I recently got a new laptop that I use most of the day - studies and jobs. For some reason, on this laptop, when I'm in Chrome, I press F5 and it starts playing audio from my browser instead of refreshing !!! I would love to help and thank you so much!
  3. Thanks! You can't run the Task Manager but what I was able to do is to turn on the safe mode computer with the cmd then open a folder and from there run a explorer cult and everything worked, thanks!
  4. Hello, last night a strange thing happened to me, and no matter how many restarts and a power freak I did nothing worked. The computer turns on and everything is normal, enters the password and the work sender only appears when it is empty of content and the mouse shows as if it is thinking. I waited 10 min, waited all night nothing changed. Moreover, apart from cntl + alt + del nothing works (and it also does not open anything but that way you can turn off the computer or exit the user) winkey + r / winey + p or a right key on the screen also does nothing, like the start. Specifications: Intel i7 920 CPU motherboard - gigabyte ga-x85a-ud3r RAM - 12 GB (scum of some things ..) Video card - gtx 760
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