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  1. Used regulation with a much better processor, will save time and money and get better performance
  2. https://howtofix.guide/koom-virus/ https://geeksadvice.com/remove-koom-ransomware-virus/
  3. There is a similar discussion here, try to use it
  4. It is very difficult to know .... the computer is responsible? The simplest take to the lab they will do comprehensive tests and know what will go wrong ..... You should not be charged money for such a thing
  5. In principle no fiber should be deployed. There is a situation where you will be told that you need or will be charged a one-time connection cost anyway. Each supplier and her stick
  6. There is a situation where you do the DOK well, you just lack a bios setting to start the computer from USB. It is possible to make a one-time change in BOOT, depending on the computer model as QTTP wrote .. Send the model and we will try to help you with the right boot key.
  7. If you have such a system .... who sits to monitor it around the clock? Are you going to sit down 24/7 on the system to check every alert? I would check out a company that also handles this matter as a package.
  8. I have had a problem with them several times with a discharge problem. Need to release battery and then return ... Is this an internal battery? which model? 541?
  9. We will have some parquet at your disposal. Open a folder on your computer on drive C, not on a desktop or anything like that. Right-click on it and Properties or Properties. You have a share or share tab and choose where to share the folder. Then press the Windows + r key and you will get a command prompt. Tap CMD there, and a black window will open. In this window you will enter hostname, then you will get the name of the computer. Then go to the second computer, press the Windows + r key there as well, type the name of the first computer there as follows: (You have a picture) and then press Inter. There you will see the sharing you made. To stay fixed, go to the folder and copy the name Computer and the folder. Right-click on my-computer and then map network drive copy the name computer and share name and it will work. I do not know if I wrote everything, if you get stuck at some point you will write and I will try to help. Successfully
  10. The organization usually uses an update server, it is possible to prevent an update of children (or the last few) to the best of my knowledge. At home it usually does not matter. Regardless, Microsoft is a monopoly, when you control the market you can do whatever you want (in Europe they pay fines and live with it). This is the situation, if not suitable there is always UBUNTU for the one who desires his heart. thanks for sharing
  11. You can use OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Both are available for free download and open Word and Excel documents without any problem. https://en.vessoft.com/software/windows/download/libreoffice Good luck
  12. Prices always go down, there is no arguing about that. The question of whether you need a computer now is regulation now. If you wait a bit, there will be a better price, but there will also be a better series of processors, and then you will also ask when prices will drop, etc ... If you need a fix, even if it drops by 10%, that's a lot, it's a total of NIS 60 . When buying a new computer it is not such a big gap. Will be renewed
  13. Try another keyboard, it's not a matter of settings or anything like that, something very mechanical, just a button. If it's portable try plugging in a USB keyboard and see that it works.
  14. Check the RAM first, there is a situation where it restarts even without a blue screen. If not then continue to supply etc ... but start with what RAM, chances are it's screwed up. There are various MEMTEST software for free. There should be no problem. Successfully
  15. You need to run the office. You should have a number with 6 sets of 5 numbers and letters, you should enter a name, and the software will work. If you do not have a license you need to purchase one. If you have the option to buy through the Ministry of Education if you are a teacher or something better, it is much cheaper. If you are a student you usually get free from where you are studying for the duration of your studies. Successfully
  16. Insist on the responsibility of having it replaced for you. Tell them this is the third time this has happened and if they are unable to fix they will give you a new one. There are companies that respect themselves and will give you service. Do not give up, it comes to you as part of the computer repair warranty. Not necessarily where you bought but from the manufacturer HP or Lenovo or whatever you bought
  17. Even if you have the address .. what can you do? Just mark the sender or the whole domain (meaning what after the @) and then just stop getting an email from him and that's it. If an address is really important to you you can use Nslookup, type = mx and then if he sends you a real domain email you will get his IP address.
  18. Download the driver directly from the NVIDIA website and install. I have had such a problem before and it solved it
  19. I checked their website, you can choose Israel, which means they ship. Some items do not ship like on EBAY. I also searched the internet for it and did not find anything they do not post here.
  20. Have you tested the RAM with any software? If the memory is correct, there is a problem with the board. Your board should be 6 or 7 years old (according to the CPU) and maybe it's time to upgrade.
  21. Joins, inexpensive disc today, stuttering a bit back up and put in the nearest bin
  22. I believe in Intel. They have a lot of cash for development and investment and I'm pretty sure they'll give a fight back to AMD. AMD did a good job and you can even see in the article here on the site that they are starting to "rest" after the breakthrough they did. In my opinion, it will not be easy for AMD to compete with Intel, Intel is a brand, if I have to order processors for the server, I'm pretty sure I'll order Intel even if it costs a little more ... Anyway, I'm not at all sure that Intel is in such a bad situation. AMD but early to eulogize them.
  23. You can turn off the sleep mode completely, maybe it will give you an answer. I use RDP to connect to the station and it is convenient that the station is always on.
  24. Use this link to download Windows 10, assuming you use it: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 You need an 8G DiskOnKey. Download the system to disk and install a new one, this is the best in my opinion. Successfully
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