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  1. We will have some parquet at your disposal.

    Open a folder on your computer on drive C, not on a desktop or anything like that.

    Right-click on it and Properties or Properties.

    You have a share or share tab

    Choose a name to share the folder with. 

    Then press the Windows + r key and you will get a command prompt. Tap CMD there, and a black window will open. In this window you will enter hostname, then you will get the name of the computer.

    Then go to the second computer, press the Windows + r key there as well, enter the name of the first computer there as follows:

    (You have a picture) Then tap Inter.

    There you will see the sharing you made. To stay fixed, go to the folder and copy the name Computer and the folder. 

    Right-click on my-computer and then map network drive

    Copy there the name computer and the sharing name and it will work. 

    I do not know if I wrote everything, if you get stuck at some point you will write and I will try to help. 



    D. PNG

  2. The organization usually uses an update server, it is possible to prevent an update of children (or the last few) to the best of my knowledge. 

    At home it usually does not matter.


    Regardless of, It's a monopoly, when you control the market you can do whatever you want (in Europe they pay fines and live with it). This is the case, if not appropriate there always is For those who desire his heart.

    thanks for sharing



  3. Quote of smootskin

    As one with a very low budget I am waiting for the 4000 series of AMD To purchase the 3300X at a lower price than it is today,

    Although even now it is not particularly expensive (around 600 NIS).


    Is a price drop expected for the 3000 series and why wait or not?

    Prices always go down, there is no arguing about that. The question of whether you need a computer now is regulation now. If you wait a bit there will be a better price but also a series will come out Better, then also ask the back when the prices went down etc ... if you need a regulation, even if it goes down by 10% which is a lot, it's a total of 60 shekels (not underestimating). When buying a new computer it is not such a big gap.


  4. Quote of lilach55


    When I open Word program, I get a regular message that reads "This copy of Microsoft Office Office Is not enabled. "

    What can be done to undo this message?


    Thank you!

    Doc1.docx 164.53 \ u05e7 \ "\ u05d1 · 3 downloads

    You need to run the office. You should have a number with 6 sets of 5 numbers and letters, you should enter a name, and the software will work. 

    If you do not have a license you need to purchase one. If you have the option to buy through the Ministry of Education if you are a teacher or something better, it is much cheaper.

    If you are a student you usually get free from where you are studying for the duration of your studies. 


  5. Insist on the responsibility of having it replaced for you. Tell them this is the third time this has happened and if they are unable to fix they will give you a new one. There are companies that respect themselves and will give you service. Do not give up, it comes to you as part of the computer repair warranty. Not necessarily where you bought but from the manufacturer HP or Or what you bought

  6. Quote of Life 123456

    I have someone bothering me in the mail how can I see who it is?

    I would love if anyone can help thank you very much 

    Even if you have the address .. what can you do? Just mark the sender or the whole domain (meaning what after the @) and then just stop getting an email from him and that's it. 

    If an address is really important to you you can use Nslookup, type = mx and then if he sends you a real domain email you will get his IP address.


  7. Quote of multicore

    Fusion does not change anything here. Attribution is a rearrangement of sectors / clusters on mechanical storage so that access times are more optimal and this is already done automatically in the background.

    If there are warning signs, then you should be careful. Back up the information (which is mandatory regardless of the warning signs) and replace the storage as soon as possible.

    Joins, inexpensive disc today, stuttering a bit back up and put in the nearest bin

  8. I believe in Intel. They have a lot of cash for development and investment and I'm pretty sure they'll give Fayette back to .

    AMD did a good job and you can even see in the article here on the site that they are starting to "rest" after the breakthrough they did.

    In my opinion, there will be no It's easy to compete with Intel, Intel is a brand, if I have to order processors for the server, I'm pretty sure I'm going to order Intel even if it costs a little more ... Anyway  But it's too early to eulogize them.

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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

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