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  1. Hi I am interested in purchasing a basic laptop for browsing and watching video here and there not a computer for primary use I saw a laptop that says that the screen anti glare slows down What does it mean? Is it less healthy for the eyes or can it cause pain? In general I work a lot of computers on a daily basis I am interested in purchasing a quality desktop computer so due to budget constraints I am not interested in investing much in a laptop
  2. Hello friends, the general question is that the desktop was destroyed too much. I always wanted a laptop that has the convenience and possibility of using it sometimes outside. Better performance and it will be possible to upgrade when needed to purchase 2 some heavy financial burden in your opinion if I prefer a laptop to go for a simple laptop? Or should you go for a stationary and look for a cheap second hand laptop for basic uses? (Surfing and youtube) I am looking for a computer in the range of 4k thanks
  3. ran500

    Connecting an R disk

    I am currently using a streamer with Windows 10 until I purchase a new computer since my computer was destroyed and not worth investing in, these hard disks were used by another older computer so I need an adapter I saw in Bali Express such an adapter ₪ 39.33 49% OFF | SATA to usb IDE adapter 5GBPS high speed USB 3.0 Sata 3 cable for 2.5 3.5 hard disk HDD drive SSD converter IDE SATA adapter https://a.aliexpress.com/_uIhhLN having sata and another connection if the first adapter you sent enough I will just buy it Be sure thanks for the reply
  4. ran500

    Connecting an R disk

    Thanks for the quick response Is it necessary to connect only to sata 2 and the other sata 3? One has an ide connection and the other has another connection and I saw other Bali Express that connect 2 connections or is the mum you sent enough? I just do not understand it, my desktop computer was destroyed and I discarded these disks from the older computer until I bought a computer. I use a streamer.
  5. Hi I have 2 really old R disks I want to transfer pictures to a modern disk and throw them in the e-waste recycling I saw that Bali Express has full adapters to connect the ar disk to a computer with usb 3.0 Thanks for the computer
  6. Hi I recently joined the internet of Cellcom on lines getting less than 100 in 300 wireless Please note that I have a video card of 1000 How can I check what the source of the problem is?
  7. I bought this camera: a USB webcam for a WEBCAM HD computer including a built-in microphone and LED lighting, the quality is poor and in addition there seems to be a zoom when using it. If not, which basic webcam do you recommend purchasing? For zoom use only they will look good quality and will not look close thanks
  8. ran500

    Hdmi splitter

    Thanks for answering Have you linked to a similar product for purchase on eBay? The cost will be lower and big I need 2 screens
  9. Hi there i have a windows 10 streamer that has one hdmi connection i would like to connect it to 2 computer screen and tv screen (don't have to both work together) i would love to recommend a splitter / switch and no harm in quality thanks
  10. I have a pair of 3.5 computer speakers and I want to connect them to 3 sources. Yes Yes Strimer Android and Strimer Windus (they all have one sound connection) Is there a way to connect all of them to work together or some product to choose their son with a sign? Or a simple and cheap mixer / receiver that can be connected to the RAMs of a computer with an 3.5 connection.
  11. I'm not sure I have a place, can I plug in computer speakers with a subwoofer on the 3.5 connection? I need this room for something the most basic you have any more ideas?
  12. Hi I have a pair of speakers and I want to connect them to 3 Sources Converter Yes Strimer Android and Strimmer Windus (all have one sound connection) I bought a basic mixer https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/CbL316g But the sound quality is poor full of noises in the background Can recommend another cheaper mixer or another product? I would be happy to receive a product with a sign or an option that everyone will work together thanks
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