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  1. It seems to me worthwhile and worth noting to anyone reading this thread. Performance is under OC on a single card. We cannot know if it allows for an average interval, well above average or at all below. The reason you check for a stock configuration is this. That could be a card from the same series that would perform almost no OC at all. I personally would not base a purchase based on OC performance.
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    1080ti video card, excellent card in used condition. Was cooled in water cooling throughout the period of use so that its original cooling is like new. Sold following upgrade.

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  3. I suggest you re-examine the issue. Maybe what they offered above me. My system is 9900k + RTX3080 with a 1440p monitor. I run the game an average of 75 frames with drops to the 60 range. The game only on maximum settings (psycho where there is) including maximum RT (psych) with DLSS on balanced. I see no reason for these performance differences unless you are using DLSS or running a 4k panel. Try to check if your graphics card is at its maximum.
  4. grip. I had great experiences with Amazon's service for horrible experiences with every Israeli store. In general I no longer look at the country I straight order dance.
  5. The problem was indeed in the table, but in rapid changes. This would cause fast peaks at working frequencies that the card is unable to withstand and then it would collapse. After the amendment the changes are conditional. The average frequencies and the average load remained the same.
  6. This video spurred me to make another effort. So we are talking about Godfall in maximum settings. 1440P 2880P I was able to get it to do the conversion in resolution. It can be seen that the FPS did crash and we have not yet reached the memory limit according to the actual memory. I do not think their founder is a liar I just think they have not yet released the update of these super high textures because there are not enough AMD cards on the market to give meaning to this marketing move.
  7. Unfortunately I deleted RE3 where I remembered there was this thing and I have no patience to install from the beginning. I did a test in DOOM, Godfall and HZD I have an RTX3080 and a 1440P screen. I performed the test at the standard resolution and using a DSR of dual 4, ie a resolution of 5120X2880 through the Nvidia control panel. DOOM at 2880P DOOM at 1440P HZD at 2880P HZD at 1440P Godfall at 1440P here the results would look the same, apparently he ignored the increase in the tap I drew my own conclusions. Feel free to draw your own. =]
  8. I would love to know what the test results will be. I can personally attest that in resident evil 3 remake they give a memory indicator like in DOOM ethernal and according to the memory experience on maximum settings there is a requirement of over 10 GB, I think in the 11th zone and something at 1440p. Working with the RTX3080 I had a smooth gaming experience with no twilight at all at a high refresh rate. I did not know the MSI version that tests actual consumption but good to know. Highly requested =]
  9. You're right. But it's a shame to replace 32GB of memory just because of the working frequency. In Intel processors the difference is negligible.
  10. Please do not ignore this note, you can not replace the motherboard for Z490 and stay with your 8700k processor. In order to upgrade the CPU to 11th generation in the future (it is not known that it will actually be able to sit on the same bracket) ZA If you do not upgrade the CPU do not replace the motherboard. No need to replace memories, you can add if you are missing. No need to replace the CPU cooling , You will not be able to get much more out of it, maybe a few percent if at all.which leaves us with an SSD, chassis and power supply. Power supply will upgrade if you want to go up to 3080. Chassis, I would only upgrade if I saw there really was a problem with the system cooling, But if you do not have time to mess around you can upgrade in advance. SSD - I do not know how to address.
  11. No full. But some of the tickets are sold in MSRP. If you manage to capture the return moment of inventory. Feel free to look at newegg. The Asus TUF card includes taxes for home delivery at about 3150. The truth is that according to the correct conversion ratio it really comes out higher. But it's because newegg converts shekels here at a ratio of about 3.8. If you look at the store through the US you see that it costs $ 700.
  12. Do not give a hand to the local pigs. Buy from the egg at the prices it should be. The only way to treat this virus (pigs importers) is to vote by credit card. Sad that they're trying to sell them at the prices of Ivy speculators. By the way, in light of the issue of the capacitors (someone here in the forum has opened a thread on this) then in the most populated it is worth buying the Asus card. But surely now it will be even harder to get one. In short if it is urgent for you, contact the second hand market.
  13. This ad has ended

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    Hi, finds for sale due to upgrade.

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  14. Hi, the time has come for the current device and I would love to get a recommendation for a mobile device. I am looking for a device according to the following criteria (in order of importance) 1. A good camera 2. A large battery and a long battery life 3. Cost up to NIS 2000, probably less. 4. Clean Android system 5. IR sensor hope there is such an animal. Thank you
  15. Hi. This user in Pcpartpicker built a computer with specifications relatively close to yours in the same case. It seems that what did the job for him is the addition of a lot of small fans, beyond the pictures he added a lot of verbal information. I hope this will help you solve the problem
  16. KobyC92

    Watch out for tms

    Most power supplies do not contain a power cord in the packaging. Did the power supply you purchased contain and they took it to you? I very much doubt it. So what do you want from them? In this respect you could also say that the chassis is not sufficiently ventilated because it has one fan on the exit. So should they provide you with another fan? Do you understand that your complaint makes no sense? If you had bought all the components from Amazon you would not have received this cable yet.
  17. Hi .. At work I sometimes get to work with files of this type. The computer I work with is an HP Z640 workstation that contains an 8-core Xeon processor in my opinion and a Quadro K4000 graphics card. I did not research the issue in depth and what is the reason but I can say that it does not move .. I do not think the problem is a material problem. I think it's just a certain file type that is uncomfortable to work with. So I reinforce sivanxyz's opinion is worth trying to see where the actual problem is before replacing hardware.
  18. Apparently this is possible through such and other changes. But running these tasks will make the matter irrelevant. Suppose the 2080ti is capable of making 16TFLOP (according to some coverage I found online) while the computer is capable of doing at least 5petaflops which means over 300 times. If this calculator takes a week then we talk about a computation time of over 5 years for the home card. That is without addressing the issue of memory. If the computation requires a lot of home card memory is no longer relevant due to slower storage access times (such as system memory or God forbid a storage drive when it runs out) by the way, thinking about buying 300 RTX2080TI cards will cost you more
  19. The discussion opener noted that some uses are games. Gaming cards are not suitable to say the least. (At the 2060S level if I'm not mistaken) but in addition there seems to be an emphasis on CAD. So it's just something worth clarifying.
  20. About SSD. Got it from TMS. I know he has a good opinion. Sold in Eilat in 1056. On paper a reading speed of 3500 and a writing speed of 3000 (according to the manufacturer's website). Vs. (3400 by 2700 according to the manufacturer's website). I don't know the other company. Both of them have 5 years warranty but they are sold on TMS so I believe it will be easier to realize if needed. I don't really know the Sabrent.
  21. Don't know about the NVME screw. Regarding your problem, you can relax most likely no harm done. What is likely to happen is that your computer is trying to run the memories at 3600MHz (as you requested) and they are not really able to run at that speed (you mentioned that they are 3000MHz memories). Your goal is to succeed in getting to the BIOS to get them back to their default setting. Try Clear Cmos, written in the Motherboard Manual how to do it. If it still doesn't rise, try plugging in only one stick. If it still doesn't work, try connecting it to other inputs on the motherboard. Once you get to the Bios you will perform a factory reset (reset to default), then you can return the second stick of memory. If you want to enable the fast memories designed for them (3000MHz) you can enable XMP profile settings.
  22. I'm glad to hear that your experience was very different from my experience. In terms of an update, after the post, I personally contacted Cyril who handled my request via email. An excellent slave. As for the rest, the common denominator of the positive experiences seems to be actually Cyril and communication via email. But what to do is not who got to work on my order. And no one thought to tell me during the process that this is how it works. Majh I didn't need help with specs, just know if something is in stock and add / download from order. A lot of grief could have been saved if I didn't need a specific representative. I "shed" it on the forum just after a week of stubborn effort to get service. After complaining more than once on the phone and whatsap. Kzer-Za Even in your case, Cyril seems to have done a great job well beyond what is expected, again, quite different from the answers I received during the process. Anyway, the matter is closed. Thanks to Cyril for the prompt treatment.
  23. Hi .. I wanted to share with you my shopping experiences at the TMS store. Last Friday I started a computer buying process for a friend. We put the specs on the company website, then noticed that we forgot to insert the graphics card into the specs. We sent them a message on Wetsap (very convenient) and were told no problem, the representative would contact us .. On Sunday the representative contacted a friend of mine and informed him that the video card would only be at 12 per month (very legitimate) and that the hard drive was refurbished. The thing with him was that he had a hard drive in the blackfriday operation. And was listed in his description of "pull" I did not realize that was what it meant. Anyway, he asked to consult and get back to them. At this point, the torture began. We called them and were told that the specific representative who accepted the invitation was not available and only he could handle it. He was also told to come back to us. But what to do, he did not vacate. We tried to call again, the same answer again. The next day when he did come back to us it was said that "until we remember" the power supply is no longer stock and will never be in stock (their words). By the way, the innocent reader who is looking for the world's end supplier will find it on the blackfriday sale on their site even now. When many products are out of stock. And every attempt must have the same representative. In fact my job has become to try to catch my representative or be available all day in case he comes back to me. Remember the message option in Wetsap from the beginning of the process? So it exists to check inventory, but not to update the order. In short, it's been close to a week and we still haven't been able to finish the order. It's not clear to me why providing such a cumbersome service. What is the significance of all products on the site that do not exist? And why they are unable to respond as a store with all their representatives. By the way, we still haven't been able to add the supplier to the order. I wonder, does anyone else experience this?
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