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  1. Maybe someone can still give me a recommendation which TV I should buy OLED or QLED which is better which is healthier thanks a lot in advance to all the commenters
  2. Hi Hello I would like to buy a TV for the new PS5 console and I am undecided between 2 models 1 of SAMUNG in QLED 4K 120HZ technology for 3000 or LG OLED 4K 120HZ at a price of about 6000 actually I can divide my question to 3 1 Is the OLED significantly higher quality than QLED and worth investing in it If I buy a 2K TV at 4 it means I will not want to replace it soon but if I buy a TV at 6000 then tomorrow thats 3000/3 years ahead maybe the prices of the 4K will go down then I will have enough budget to buy it which is better OLED 8K or QLED 4K and 8 most important which screen is less dazzling which is less tiring fast if there is something healthier I mean I understand that OLED is without backlight so it is a bit more like that but do not know maybe someone who has such a TV and can tell the difference in viewing comfort and not just quality Mostly I watch / play in the dark Thanks in advance for all the answers
  3. Once I understand in oculus quest 2 I can play any VR game I have on steam like a computer's so it sounds good because then if the graphics are not something then I can buy a computer and play through it
  4. I will try to ask this one more time if anyone has played on oculus quest 2 and also on PSVR and can tell if there is a significant difference in quality and graphics between them (in any case the screen or graphics processor) something else about the game prices (including monthly subscriptions that each platform has to offer) interface User etc. I ask this seriously I do not want to buy something that in the end I will be fucked I ask if it would be a good idea to save a little and invest in PSVR (5) or is it a waste of money oculus quest 2 is definitely fun and high quality has a large selection of quality games at affordable prices Thanks in advance to all who respond
  5. I also think there is no competition for oculus quest 2 for those who want to try (because it is the cheapest maybe) but what I ask is if anyone has experience and can give an opinion mainly on the issue of quality and comfort (of course better those who have tried both platforms)
  6. So this is how I have some kind of hesitation I noticed that one of my favorite things about gaming is the experience of feeling like you are in a parallel universe so I came to the conclusion that I need VR because it really envelops you and you know how it works learning there are all kinds of arrangements and at the end who has time to play ( Except for the period of closure that there is from time to time) so I thought that if I already find time then it should be a maximum experience on the other hand I am afraid I will start to invest thousands of shekels and in the end I will hardly touch it well in principle there are 3 main option 1 Oculus Quest2 by FACEBOOK Cables then there may be more freedom (less translation to be afraid of getting involved and falling) but my question is to whoever played it how it feels how the quality of the screen how it is comfortable for those who have glasses how the experience is mesmerizing or mediocre plus option 2 it sony playstation 5 advantages here i have Both VR and regular screen play also a very powerful graphics processor and 6 7 year game support as in any console the only downside except for the price (which is about 2 times) is that I am not really used to playing if GISTIC and here the question is how convenient it is especially in shooting games or VR It's less than a year (mouse head place) Option 3 It's a computer but it's beat To be expensive and I also need (space) for a computer desk so tell me what you think to buy Oculus Quest2 at a cheap price and compromise on quality or buy a sony playstation 5 and get used to playing if Justic or find a place and invest in a computer Thanks in advance to all the respondents
  7. What is a Mac Simply Every suitable Mac does not need minimum requirements
  8. Hello I would like to start learning to develop apps and games for iOS devices mainly for iPhones (if it matters) I am more interested in it as a hobby less as a profession (if possible maybe earn a few shekels in the future) so my question is what basic IMC model do I need to meet the requirements reasonably Good witness
  9. gameri

    Last mission in GTAV

    This is finished I worked at the end thanks
  10. Last night I finished GTA V on 100% including plot quests including side quests including sports challenges including randoms etc etc. Also in the settings it impresses me 100% the problem is that I have no marking for Franklin's last mission this is followed by getting a shirt with the caption 100 or something In short what do you do what could be the problem in your opinion (some comments) first of all it is a legal game and not hacked I downloaded it from STEAM at a full price of 150 if my memory is not loading for the truth I also downloaded it to a Japanese site of ROOKSTAR also full price but because I forgot the password and email then I had to download it again from STEAM which I'm more sorting with and it of course zia me in the old username second thing yes yes time passed 3 and also I turned off the computer 4 and I played more in Singer Miracle just as if to pull time so in short what could be the problem why I do not have the 100% task Thanks in advance for all the answers
  11. Dead what can it happen like that suddenly ua chechech is not good and say if i am always if electricity because i am only at home it is urgent to replace battery (i.e. i am afraid that one day the computer will not turn on at all if if electricity or I have nothing to worry about) mostly Now that it may be closed soon so if it's something you offer me to take care of soon or as long as I have electricity in the wall I have nothing to worry about anything else could be that it's something in the setting and if she's dead there's a way to make sure it's if I open it Turns on some light bulb or something
  12. Maybe after all someone knows why the battery is not charging
  13. I've been on the computer for a few hours (mobile) just internet and youtube the computer is constantly on electricity it writes plugged in if I unplug it it writes I plug in again it writes on electricity (in short everything works on the computer know) but it does not charge anything I am on 24 percent From noon and also what time I completely turned off the accountant what could be the problem I think either the battery is gone or it's because of a recent update of WINDWS but what do you think what could be the problem and how to get rid of it thanks in advance for all the answers
  14. Ok I realized it would not suit me at the moment thanks
  15. I'm debating whether to buy a smartwatch basically I want it so as not to be left with anything or almost nothing in my pockets Multi-line keys of a house, etc. So what did we do with it or is it already possible to put all the cards in the watch and use it only? In short you understood the idea so when do you think we can run this way only if the clock
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