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  1. I would be happy for advice. Quite a difficult choice, there is a gap of 30-20FPS between 1080P. But I usually play in 2K because I have a screen that supports. I do not really know the differences between them in 2K because I have not seen such a benchmark. And I would love a store recommendation from experience. (Except TMS) They do not answer at all. your opinion? Thanks
  2. First of all your screen is limited to 60hz means 60 fps just to know .. This 1 and the card really weak for today's games. Great processor but weak card. Your processor can run with a great card
  3. My first computer was STARTPC that it was 6-7 years ago and also they did a great job and there is not even a single complaint about them .. but I bought 3 months ago a computer from TMS and they are awesome. I did not have any complaint I could point to ... The computer was ready after about a week. Great service ... Bottom line, no problem with both .. What happened to you with them if you can ask?
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