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  1. Hello I am looking for a recommendation for a smartphone that has optical stabilization (OIS) and also a good battery, and if possible waterproof IP68, the price is around 2000 NIS I currently have a device that meets almost all requirements .. IP68 and a good battery .. but it has no stabilization On camera and it's bad, I have to replace .. thanks!
  2. In Newegg: Freddy might soon be really lucrative to order screens from there ..
  3. But how much? The question was how not does it matter
  4. How many stationary computers do you think are sold in Israel per year? And not branded computers, but assembled computers
  5. A year ago I bought a B450M-Pro4 for $ 69.99 when there was still free shipping. The price rose to 80+ and then including shipping and taxes, it would have been around NIS 400. Now it has dropped to $ 64.99, and its ATX version to $ 74.99, if anyone needs a b450 motherboard. (From Amazon)
  6. I mistakenly thought that Dell's broken screen was ordered from abroad. Do you think their service is international? If I buy a screen from abroad, their service in Israel will also be valid?
  7. I did not know about the irresponsibility in NEWEGG - so I will stay with Amazon ..
  8. It is true that the prices here are very high for many computer products and always say (me too) that the stores just exaggerate my question if you think it is so because there is no demand for these products in the country (because there is no large audience for expensive gaming products or 144HZ 2K screens for example) Make up for a small number of sales? Or because there is simply no real competition? Because today everyone has moved more to mobile and laptops and that's why they have to raise prices? For example RTX 3080 is sold in Israel for over 4000 NIS .. Of course there are taxes but all the prices are expensive here even after the tax calculation that's why I ask
  9. If they add free shipping to screens, it would be huge at all (screens at 700 sold here at 1300)
  10. Really depression, the question is whether it is because there is no demand for hardware products then they must profit on individual products sold, or because they compare prices between them and then there is no competition. Because for example if you look, KSP-and-IVORY are the same at a price of NIS per shekel for a lot of products, if not most
  11. Thanks! I also realized that there is the G27CQ which is 2K for 1600 NIS, looks good thanks! What did you do when Dell's screen broke down?
  12. I do not know if this is something new, but I checked and there are products that Newegg sends for free to Israel if the total price exceeds 680 NIS
  13. Update: On some of the products they have a free shipping offer to Israel, if you buy over 680 NIS, example:
  14. Hello I saw that there is a sale on a computer screen in Newegg: Acer Nitro XV240Y Pbmiiprx 23.8 after shipping and taxes comes out 1000 NIS. It is not sold in the country, but according to the data it looks good. Do you think this screen is good, and the price is worth it? Or do you have Anything else to recommend that might be possible to buy in the country around this price?
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