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  1. Hello I am looking for a recommendation for a smartphone that has optical stabilization (OIS) and also a good battery, and if possible waterproof IP68, the price is around 2000 NIS I currently have a device that meets almost all requirements .. IP68 and a good battery .. but it has no stabilization On camera and it's bad, I have to replace .. thanks!
  2. In Newegg: Freddy might soon be really lucrative to order screens from there ..
  3. But how much? The question was how not does it matter
  4. How many stationary computers do you think are sold in Israel per year? And not branded computers, but assembled computers
  5. A year ago I bought a B450M-Pro4 for $ 69.99 when there was still free shipping. The price rose to 80+ and then including shipping and taxes, it would have been around NIS 400. Now it has dropped to $ 64.99, and its ATX version to $ 74.99, if anyone needs a b450 motherboard. (From Amazon)
  6. I mistakenly thought that Dell's broken screen was ordered from abroad. Do you think their service is international? If I buy a screen from abroad, their service in Israel will also be valid?
  7. I did not know about the irresponsibility in NEWEGG - so I will stay with Amazon ..
  8. It is true that the prices here are very high for many computer products and always say (me too) that the stores just exaggerate my question if you think it is so because there is no demand for these products in the country (because there is no large audience for expensive gaming products or 144HZ 2K screens for example) Make up for a small number of sales? Or because there is simply no real competition? Because today everyone has moved more to mobile and laptops and that's why they have to raise prices? For example RTX 3080 is sold in Israel for over 4000 NIS .. Of course there are taxes but all the prices are expensive here even after the tax calculation that's why I ask
  9. If they add free shipping to screens, it would be huge at all (screens at 700 sold here at 1300)
  10. Really depression, the question is whether it is because there is no demand for hardware products then they must profit on individual products sold, or because they compare prices between them and then there is no competition. Because for example if you look, KSP-and-IVORY are the same at a price of NIS per shekel for a lot of products, if not most
  11. Thanks! I also realized that there is the G27CQ which is 2K for 1600 NIS, looks good thanks! What did you do when Dell's screen broke down?
  12. I do not know if this is something new, but I checked and there are products that Newegg sends for free to Israel if the total price exceeds 680 NIS
  13. Update: On some of the products they have a free shipping offer to Israel, if you buy over 680 NIS, example:
  14. Hello I saw that there is a sale on a computer screen in Newegg: Acer Nitro XV240Y Pbmiiprx 23.8 after shipping and taxes comes out 1000 NIS. It is not sold in the country, but according to the data it looks good. Do you think this screen is good, and the price is worth it? Or do you have Anything else to recommend that might be possible to buy in the country around this price?
  15. NEWEGG does not send everything to Israel, but if you change the location to Israel in the site's settings, then only things sent to Israel will appear. Once they sent almost nothing to the country (when you would change the location to Israel, the site would change to a lousy version of NEWEGG with individual products), now they send more stuff, but the shipping is very expensive for everything. Their shipping on small and light things is very expensive relative to Amazon, so not profitable, for example buying hardware components like motherboard, SSD, etc. is not worth it. But shipping on heavy things is sometimes cheaper than other places, but still expensive (a few hundred shekels) - what is more - with specials, especially those of Black Friday there is a situation that even after such a shipping price came out profitable (for example I found some computer screens and laptops And taxes come out cheaper than in Israel - and maybe there are people here who buy there and know about other products that pay to buy there)
  16. Pigs and make Israeli money are well known, but I did not believe such a difference, especially since they call themselves "official importers". I sent a letter to Shiomi Global. In the letter I gave some examples of products with a huge price difference between the official price in China and what is sold here by an "official importer". Of course I also explained to them about the 17% tax in Israel, and also after the tax the price is very excessive. I want to see what they will answer me because it does not make sense in my opinion .. I have already ordered the router from China by the way
  17. I have been buying XIAOMI online since the XIAOMI MI 2 came out in 2012 .. because the whole point of XIAOMI is that their prices are cheap and the quality is reasonable. Now I had to buy their router here in the country because I did not want to wait, and the price is a bit excessive - this is a router that costs abroad $ 20: .1774f1NRJsSV & algo_pvid = 0aed54e9-1de4113-92-a7244f-8d68194c1 & algo_expid = 0aed54e9-1de4113-92-a7244f-8d68194c6-0 & btsid = 0b0a216035220323306402ac4ec0ec & ws_ab_test = searchweb0_201602, searchweb201603_, searchweb170_ here in Israel costs NIS 4 ..? Is this a mistake?
  18. ** Editing: This post is from 2016. And still relevant to me lol How in the world are people willing to buy in KSP? A store where the sellers are also technicians, also sellers, also consultants, also cleaners, also importers, also salesmen .. and a few more things... In short how can you shop with such a service experience ?! Take a number as if I was in line for a family doctor and have to stand in line for an hour and a half because a person now consults with one of 2 sellers / sales people / individual consultants in the store about 20 people .... You buy a product and honestly when you leave the store the warranty is already on another company (the money they know how to take - but the service you importer because we only know how to get money) .. Really the last time I bought something expensive there was a few years ago and that was also when I needed a laptop for school (which broke some after a few days and I needed help) just not able to get close to this place .. Even another time I needed something I asked a friend to buy me a name because he just needed something .. But everything else I find in another store or online I buy from there .. For example, NEWEGG is cheaper on some computer screens even after shipping and taxes. Shame (think how expensive shipping is for computer screens when you buy them individually and still a cheap maker sometimes comes out) Here is an example: I recently bought a cable I really wanted to buy online (because I did not want to go near KSP and only they had it) because the cable I had was about to tear. In the end it was torn before I could order online and I had to buy from KSP because only they sold from this model. I open the packaging and the connector of the cable .. crooked! I go back there and they tell me there is no alternative, this was the last one and that "we no longer accept cables of this type" .. So they sent me to another branch ... There was also no ... And they sent me from there to a third branch ... There was no ... Take money they know. Wherever with sensible customer service, they would offer the slightly longer cable that cost NIS 5 (!!!) at no extra charge for this hassle. By the way I sent to customer service about this experience and guess what - of course I did not get an answer .. Since the case with the cable I boycott them completely, even if I owe something, I wish more people would do that so that they would change or have sensible competitors (which is not here for some reason) I would rent stores by the meter and have to wait there like not know what in line for people Sales that also do not have much knowledge at all ** I since buy abroad if the price is even more expensive by a few percent, say even up to 10 percent more expensive, just so as not to give them my money. I know it's better to give Amazon the money because there I'll get service ... (Not to mention that a few days ago I bought a SAMSUNG 970 EVO 500GB for 265 shekels compared to some 500 in the country ..) *** Additional edit: They have this so-called promise that they promise to lower prices if you find a cheaper price elsewhere .. I once tried - let's say it's better not to try anymore - they want you to go to that store and get an official confirmation from the store about the price - even though everything is written on the store's official website. It's true that I will now go to another store and ask them for approval that I will buy in a competing store lol .. **** Another edit: For example at Black Friday they supposedly do full promotions, but there are never promotions on the products on which the store was first set up: computer hardware !!! Just do not !!!! Why would they accept my money if that's how they treat their past customers? No chance. Specials on washing machines at "KSP Computers and Cellular" go to her **** If more people were behaving like me really they long ago would not dare to treat us like this ***** More editing !!! Look what's going on here in the country. I see advertisements for stores that sell "computers" ... They publish "gaming" computers with specifications from 4 years ago. Or laptops from 10 years ago. And just give a general model: "I5 processor is especially powerful". And at an insanely high price !!! And they invent names like "renewed" and renewed "... What's next? A computer is regenerating? pointed? Renewable? Afraid? Israeli remorse ...
  19. At the Keepa website you can check the history of prices on Amazon. This is nice because this way you can get an idea of ​​what will be on Prime Day or Black Friday
  20. A few days ago Amazon had the sale in the title, but now I saw and it was over, it was only for two days, so I just wanted to tell you (for those who need it) to pay attention maybe it will come back soon because it's weird that this sale was after Prime Day, More expensive is the link: Samsung (MZ-V7E500BW) 970 EVO SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe Interface Internal Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology, Black / Red
  21. Looks really good but my computer is really cheap I forgot to mention, it's just a home use computer not gaming the spec is a ryzen 2200g and a cheap motherboard B450 .. so I'm looking for something cheap. This case is more expensive than the computer itself
  22. Lol I too so I am instead debating between the NX300 or FSP CMT110A you have an offer maybe similar to a case that is ATX, but not too big and with a side window (preferably glass, but if acrylic is really transparent and not dark then also good)
  23. It looks like a new case, it still does not appear on ANTEC's website so there is not too much detail on it .. does anyone know and know if it has filters, or how the air flow and if it is relatively convenient to build with it? Thanks
  24. Thank you! And what if I put in front fans, 3 from the top like this: 2 front airs, and the third (the one closest to the rear fan) takes out air, along with the rear
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