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  1. Oh when I meant lab = I meant to exercise responsibility in a formal lab. I will contact them and ask them if they have a way to check if there is a problem with the temperature sensor.
  2. "Maybe you should make the mobile phone" What does it mean? Cover no, do you recognize and verify that there is a problem yes?
  3. I do not understand the computer, I do not know such a third party? If I also mention the sensor issue to the lab, they have tools to test it right?
  4. I went into the original WINDOWS, the computer increased the fan speed twice in 10 minutes from turning on the computer. First time I felt hot air the top above the "hot" fans a second time the fans in my opinion turned faster (was noisier) and I felt warm, cool air, now the computer is calm and quiet and the air is cool. During the effort the air was hot (say when I turned on something heavy in the background. At the time of writing this message there was another increase in the CPU, again see what process in the task manager bounces it and again the fans work hard. After the increase which lasted about 20-30 seconds the computer is quiet again Once again on it the CPU reached 100 percent am
  5. Thanks, what about the fact that the speed of the fans goes up and down, it will only complicate them? I also mean in normal mode the fan speed increases randomly unnecessarily ..
  6. Basically the same with XTU thermal throttling right from the start of the test. I just started the test reached 91 degrees. * In the first hour after installing the operating system. The computer worked very slowly at the level of lag in opening the Start menu and its display is very jerky. * I chose not to connect it to the internet and after my friend started downloading updates and drives and the fan worked pretty fast. After all the updates and drivers went down, the computer came back to life and ran normally. Quiet on its restart! Quiet while playing a YouTube video but just recently I noticed that it started running the fans loudly when I logged into a profile on Windows. Think it's a matter of time until he stretches again
  7. Hi Spring, I did a clean install. How am I progressing from here I did not understand what to do I intend to exercise responsibility, what to say to the laboratory? It would be a waste of time if they returned it to me in the same condition.
  8. Hi thanks for the help to both of you, I did it with the software you recommended
  9. Hi, I downloaded from the existing partitions in Windows that was already installed. I have a small storage capacity, but I managed to steal from drive C about 32 GB and drive D about 19.5 GB. When I started the installation process - I could not bind the 2 volumes. So my question is how do you combine them? It is important for me to note that the Extend Volume option when you right-click on the drive you want to expand is blocked through Disk Management. Thank you.
  10. I have not tried, but even in normal mode it is terribly random at least in the BIOS 303 version, it rarely happens and it is not expected when .. Regarding all the other questions I asked are irrelevant? Because they received no reference.
  11. At first for the first 5 minutes it was written to me that everything was stable so I waited for the test to turn off and then I went back to it and saw it. Is this the source of the problem? Do you recommend me to update to the newest BIOS and then perform it again? (The situation with the BIOS 303) is much better than I had with the 305 (latest) The computer was straining every so often and now it also started to strain occasionally but the frequency is significantly lower. And even if it strains (the CPU goes up) and the fans rotate powerfully in the current version it's really for a few seconds unlike the latest version it would last a few minutes. The situation changed immediately after the bios was low, so it did not seem to me any harm. Agag I have MSI software
  12. There are no new drivers on the MSI site, everything is from the end of 2018. Okay, I will try to contact them to do so according to the guide BIOS settings to default, -1. & Text = When MSI logo shows up, setting to the factory default.? The BIOS for me is really basic I do not think I have profiles, all control is with the Dragon Center / Creator application installed on the computer.
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