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  1. Yes. The case is clean from all directions. Ivory's service by the way said it would take 7 business days for inspection + repair. I will probably take advantage of this as I am not 100 percent sure the problem is with the thermal ointment and opening the card will void the warranty in case I need it.
  2. Do not know. That's why I opened the discussion .. On what basis did you decide that it would take a month?
  3. I imagined that was the problem. The web is full of similar stories. Are they making the repair? I assumed they were sending the card to a third party or just exchanging for a similar card.
  4. Two and a half years ago I bought a 2070 gigabyte. Recently the card reaches 86 degrees with effort and bounces the RPM to 4200. The degrees drop to 83 ... rises back to 86, the RPM jumps to 4200 and returns, God forbid. From what I read is the fail safe of the card. Its 100% RPM is in the 3000 range. I was thinking of exercising a warranty (the ticket was bought through Ivory) and I have some questions. If someone has exercised a warranty recently (the period of shortage of video cards) it would be generally excellent. 1. How long does the repair / replacement take? 2. How much is the shortage of video cards going to affect this?
  5. I am planning to network the apartment soon with the following equipment: Keystone socket 3M Volition RJ45 STP Jack Category 6A U / FTP CAT6a Hard Cable Shield made by Taldor 100 meters deep box over the wall 83 * 83 * 46mm + panel with blank keystone metal frame Panel 83 * 83mm, under the plaster Questions: 1. In the media cabinet, is it better to also connect a keystone socket that will be connected to a patch panel and from there a bridge to Switzerland or simply connect to a plug like this: RJ45 CAT7 shielded to network cable, with insert for conductor, Taldor CAT7 Compatible, Professional Type - Full Copper, Gilded 50 "On One Side Patch Panel Feels More Professional, On The Other Add Another Cable To The Chain. If The Answer Is Patch, Should You Take Patch Without Connectors And Connect It To A Connector Top Quality or Patch Panel Ready? My deliberation is mainly because the media cabinet is relatively small so I don't know if I would be comfortable downloading a panel with connectors to add a connection if I need to. Without connectors I can do the clicking separately and add the connector to the panel at the end. Also, I rely more on Taldor connectors than an obscure patch panel there (which is probably what I will buy from Amazon) 2. The metal frame from the link above is necessary if I want the room to have a dot in the wall where the keystone socket will be? What is her job actually? to set? 3. There are rooms that need 2 network connections and even 3. I thought to transfer 3 cables to these rooms from the main switch if there is room in the threaded tube, in order to avoid further switches in the rooms. I exaggerated? Or does that make sense? Thanks
  6. There is nothing to do with the frame. No frame needed for the benefit. You just added one bag with free shipping and a second bag without free shipping. Make sure the color you want has free shipping and add either another bag with free shipping (under 75 dollars) or another rattle in 5 dollars and split orders.
  7. האם ידוע למישהו אם המסך הזה נמכר בארץ? המסך יצא לפני מספר חודשים (תחילת מאי - אם אני זוכר נכון) ולא מצאתי שום איזכור שלו בארץ. לא בצורה רשמית ולא מיבואנים מקבילים. האם יש למישהו מידע בנושא? תודה
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