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  1. : nono: Diablo 3 has no price ... will cost as much as it will cost, I waited for it 12 a year!

    I do not know how many of you can understand this but as an 2 Diablo player with all the original 4 discs that still sit at my house

    Diablo 3 do not download, go and buy it in the store, because games at this level should be held by hand

    Plan to buy the collector's package, Just that need

  2. I was not on the committee, so I do not know what her thinking process was, but I think With high salaries (and thousands of eighths from the IDF) will mobilize enough people to maintain the existing fighting force.

    And here's the problem

    In the professional army, you do not know how many people will be drafted into the army

    You but can not establish On such a assumption

    In the United States, even with only one percent of the population willing to enlist, it will be enough manpower

    In Israel, you still need a large number of people, whom no one can promise to enlist

    The army of the people may be a concept that long ago it should have been stopped, but not for the profession, but for a compromise between them ... Mandatory military or national service when the army can pick people and not just get them all straight

  3. You'll know Ronnie ... Sometimes shock therapy also helps, not just give a small dose medication

    The ultra-Orthodox want to preserve the heritage = they will enjoy it, no one goes against it

    But as citizens of the state They have a number of obligations to the state, one of which is military (or national)

    Until now they have given them a free line (you forget that there was also life before the Tal Law, it has not always existed ...) With the Law of Tal, now the law will end ... DEAL WITH IT

  4. Roni,

    The Tal Law was predetermined to be a non-permanent law, and every X years had to be re-approved .... miraculously, one could also not extend it

    Strange, but when the law requires all citizens of the state to enlist, most of them enlist ... faith should not interfere with this story

    And here I assure you that there will be 100% raising, but still

    "Quite oddly" the army has adapted itself to religion ... does not even talk about the religious units

    Tell me where the "problems" the army poses to religious people? Lack of synagogues? Rabbis? cosher? Prayer times? ... apart from singing women have problems?

    Regarding women's poetry, the Chief Rabbi (known as the highest religious authority in the army) said it was not against religion

    Other rabbis say it is not against religion ...

    And something else Roni, you can ... You can stop them all, I do not think you understand how strong the principles are in recruiting

    Catchers of defectors will come to religious people just as they come to the secular people, the so-called equality of burden

  5. He is forbidden to work if he wants to receive a pension from the state ... Yes

    There is no such thing as a prohibition on working on any person in this country (freedom of employment)

    You are welcome to bring the law and see that it does not mean that they are not allowed to work, simply says that if they want to receive a state pension ...

    This is his belief in the Law of Tal

    And for me there should be X hours at the kollel, to remind you of some facts about the frauds that were on this subject?

  6. MotherShip

    I have already mentioned that they are forbidden to work, so we will not bring them anything and we will forbid them to work = death.

    Who exactly forbids them to work? A student can work as much as he likes ... He simply will not get anything from the state, you'll be surprised, but he'll get more from work

    A student on the other hand who does not work gets from the state exactly 0

    You'll be surprised, but it gives a great motivation to work

    A student does not have to learn 24 / 7. He can also combine work with studies, is that what students do most of the time?

  7. In general, it seems to me out of place to claim corruption about someone who until now has received less than the average in the economy (which is not much at all, and close to the poverty line). If they were to get new raises as often as the rest, their salaries have long been on a completely different level.

    : nono: Serious mistake ...

    The proposed economy is far beyond what most people do ... Most of the country does a minimum and less, and lives with it ... Rav City did a lot of minimum raises and a little below the proposed ... Do not even dare to say that it is close to the poverty line

  8. yonizaf ... Let's go back to my original claim, it's not the wage ... it's the percentage at which it jumped

    Even politicians who change their salary (and they do it more than once) do something simple and raise a few percent, not like in the case of rabbis


    Does a rabbi do all this? And learns? Where did he have the time::)

    I know ... that in practice he may be supervising these issues and not doing it himself ... or am I wrong?

    Burial = Kadisha, which is a disgrace in itself (people, you know that burial should be free?)

    Marriage is also something nice that a rabbi is supposed to give as a "free" service. Every married man will tell you that this is not the story. I promise you that the rabbi does not do it.

    Counseling = I assume that the concept is multi-neighborhood and community rabbi familiar to you .... Most people do not reach the level of rabbi city and therefore I assume that the number of references is not that great

    Kashrut = not for that there are all the kashrut bodies that actually issue the certificates and put extra kashrut supervisors in every hole (and yes, they are unnecessary ... get money for not doing anything except being present most of the time)

    For some reason, I know that every issue you raise has a "rabbi" of its own or someone else ... Not a rabbi, as mentioned above ... is the top link in this chain, but certainly not the whole chain

  9. He receives the budget for his salary from the municipality and the council ... it does not make him their employee

    And again, you can look at my old comments ... I also point out to secular (electrical company) as mentioned, I do not discriminate against anyone

    And still ... what does a city rabbi do?

    I understand that for ABC, people are paid higher salaries, but what does he actually deserve that salary?

    Guarantee that you have more people who studied like him but do not receive such wages

  10. You get into the subject of "Maybe because before they didn't earn good status." I continue from there

    Rabbi, he's not a municipal employee as far as I know ... so there's no point comparing them

    Please explain to those of us who are not proficient in the subject ... what does a city actually do

    Just a joke that only where there is a religious mark is looking at a magnifying glass.

    I'm pretty sure language doesn't have a religious mark, but maybe I'm wrong


  11. lets see...

    Rabbi in a small community of up to 10,000 residents, earning a gross NIS 7,200 today,

    As of the beginning of the year, the average salary is NIS 8,503 ~ NISX according to Social Security

    That means the rabbi gets a little more than NIS X less than the average that many others don't get ...

    The minimum wage is NIS 4,100.00, which means the rabbi gets 3100 above the minimum (1000 less than double)

    Kill me Ronnie, but explain to me what the hell is a rabbi doing in a small town that deserves to be doubled in salary? In order for his salary to be 2 times the average and 4 times the minimum?

    Let there be another small problem ... Their budget is coming from the councils and the cities, not the government = it directly affects people who live in those cities

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