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  1. Thanks so much for the comment! Only if it is possible to sharpen a little thanks for the patience: Regarding the operating system - I have an operating system with a license .. I actually need to remove it from the drive and install it on the SSD? Regarding the files on the current drive: There is a backup on an external disk .. actually I should just copy the backup to the SSD? Thanks in advance and have a lovely day!
  2. Hi, I have a pretty old computer. It is recommended to put an SSD drive in the computer. Does it replace the hard disk or in addition to it? Does my specification support an SSD drive? Thanks in advance and a lovely day Specification: Processor: Pentium Email Core E-5200 2.5 GHz RAM: 4G Video card: GEFORCE 1030 Motherboard: ASUSTeK, P5KPL-CM Operating system: Windows 10
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded, maybe one thing .. I can not use the headphones because I feel strong pains in the head as soon as I put them on. I'm not a scientist or an electronics engineer and I do not know exactly what this is due to. I assume it is radiation .. but even if this is the reason I can not measure it because special equipment is required .. Maybe I have sensitivity to radiation it is also a possibility .. As is known in serial production sometimes there are defective products .. If I bought in the country the seller would replace Or return the money to me .. The thing is that I will not use the product and I have no one to give it to .. Is the situation lost in terms of dealing with AliExpress? Does it make sense to send them a screenshot that the seller is willing to accept the product and return the money? Thanks for the intent!
  4. Hi, I bought BT headphones for a hundred dollars on AliExpress. During use there is strong radiation at a level that I can not use. I explained to the seller and asked to return the product to him at my expense in exchange for a refund. He did not comment and I opened a dispute on AliExpress. The seller wrote to Eli Express that he was not willing to credit me, but at the same time he wrote to me that he would accept my offer after the dispute ended, only that I would not say anything to AliExpress. When AliExpress intervened in the dispute AliExpress claimed that I had to present proof that there was radiation from the headphones otherwise I would not get a refund. Maybe someone can guide me what to do? Thanks !
  5. Hi, I want to buy a laptop with a Windows 10. I'll assume that in the future I'll need to format my computer and reinstall Windows 10. How does it work? Do I need to request a disk-on-key with Windows 10 at the time of purchase? Suppose I do not get a disk from them but only a product key, how do I install using the key? Thanks Niver
  6. Hi, I have an HP 6500 printer. When I want to shoot pages in the printer using the automatic document feeder, stripes appear along the photographed page. I tried to resolve the matter through the HP software that came with the printer ("HP Print Assistant") There is an option there: Align printheads. "I did and registered that alignment failed. How can you solve the problem? Thank you, Niver
  7. Hi, I have a telegram and subscribed to Telegrass to know what this is about. Since I have been constantly subscribed to, I have been bombarded with all kinds of messages that I have no way to control. It really bothers me, I tried to delete all groups and channels but there are too many. I wanted to know: Is there a way to stay with my account on Telegram but without Telegrass? Thanks !
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