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  1. Thanks for the comment Which keyboard are you using? You do not feel that the drop keyboard will not be a big upgrade compared to what you have? After all, it is quite basic and the RK actually feels quite high quality in terms of construction ... maybe I just still did not feel what a really high quality keyboard is
  2. Hello everyone Recently I was thinking of upgrading my keyboard, I currently have a standard Microsoft keyboard at work (programming) and a cheap mechanical keyboard (RK G87) at home. The difference is obviously very noticeable, even though these are unfamiliar brown switches. The thing is that most of the day the use is on the keyboard of work and I thought of upgrading the thing to be more comfortable and fun to use I did not try too many switches so no preference, but it seems to me that the blues will be too noisy (or team members, if and when we return to offices) no limit Budget, but I do not want to spend a serious amount if you can get the same feeling at half price and only purple individuals will feel the difference, I do not think I am there (still, maybe later) on the ideal side I would buy the drop shift just because the numpad I sometimes lack, especially when using In the calculator or messing around a lot with numbers, but again, maybe there is something similar for less money (still upgrading from something Chinese to drop is a jump piece), but TKL's offer is much wider and maybe later a separate numpad acne The next candidate is drop entr but it seems to me that feeling Will be similar to RK and then expect me a slight disappointment, also there is no excitement in it ... a bit hard to explain but it just does not make me RGB it is nice but not critical as above regarding wireless hope I was able to focus the search a bit thanks in advance
  3. Sorry about the thread snatch, but what is recommended for a programmer who wants to upgrade in day-to-day work? There is no real budget limit but you should not go crazy either, I probably will not feel the differences between a $ 200 and $ 1000 keyboard
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