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  1. Why not ? There is. I bought the Z490 ASUS GAMING E, at about 1450, a very high-end tablet, and not that expensive. Attitude .. and there are boards from this series also in 800
  2. Well then after the bad service I got from the manager of the Eilat branch - Sheeran who twice ran the fans back and forth and teased me and my dad from Ashkelon to Eilat (it turns out that all he had to do was send it to the lab - to Dvir in Netanya) and not try to be a great sage And tell me "the fans are fine" because they were not normal, and the fact that he does not understand the field, and he is not a technician - just teased me more, instead of doing what every customer service person would do a referral to the lab !! And that was the end of it in a few hours. (Credit me, wanted to return full money, I said no - I asked for a mouse instead - and got them - new properly packed, everything was fine)
  3. Hi my friend .. yes this was a long distance sale, my father came to pick up the parts I ordered on the site .. Anyway today I got back from TMS there is an update a nice guy named 'Dvir' the lab manager in Netanya came back to me and told me what I thought I would hear the fans malfunction, yes I checked them, sorry, in Eilat they are not technicians, they could not know that .. (So why did they check in the first place?) Maybe they wanted to be nice? I was taught, and it's so true ... with good intentions you go to hell and say to the credit of Sheeran, the manager of the Eilat branch, that "Pirgan" gave me a used cattle that they had a name .. so he really tried .. but sometimes, it's really unrelated - the product Really wrong
  4. LAW89 KSP are better in service, because it will malfunction, they replace immediately, probably within 14 days !!! That this is my biggest problem .. The manager of the Eilat branch claims - they were opened, it is impossible to return .. Well, how do I open a friend and see that they are not working properly? And they also came to me with "open" packaging without a sticker or anything so what is he rattling about? He tried to sweep it under the rug, thought I had no way to move it to Eilat, that I am their sucker .. I will not give up, and I will show him that not only was he wrong, he also lost a good customer and treated me with disgust (leave I heard him swear said pussy Emek or something after he thought he hung up and did not hang up the call (because I told him t
  5. After I recognized that it was Moran from Eilat who called me, to tell me that he connected them and they are OK (okay for him it turns around) so I am waiting for the fans who will come to Netanya now, so that their technician, Dvir will check them and see the problem. After seeing the problem, hope he wins me .. and maybe even apologize on behalf of the store because they once said an incompatible board once said a definition in the BIOS (what? What's the connection?) Once said need a visit once said, need fusion software (hahahahahahaha I have ASUS board is not GIGABYTE and he knows it) What will I do? Apart from laughing at his wisdom and knowledge, Elek Adon is a manager ...
  6. Shit Bitcoin, because of all these miners, I bought an RTX3060 STRIX 12GB for 3500 shekels.
  7. What is most delusional, is that Moran is calling me now from the Eilat branch, at first I do not identify, and he said to me: Aviram the fans are OK, I connected them and they are working ... I told him they are working? Ok send me a video that I will see what you did .. So he says, I do not have a lab here, and a computer with Windows, but they go around I connected them and saw (when he knows the problem is in the lighting and not really in the fan that does not turn) so what exactly did you check? I did not understand and then he says: oh and also delete your response in WARZONE, not HWZONE .. because it is really not true you received excellent service .. you will argue with a customer who feels, that the service is not good .. so why did you call Malachi? And that it is in frame 1
  8. And also, it's a cable at all, that if you do not have enough ARGB ports on the controller, you connect it .. although you can thread from any fan, because each fan has a male to a controller and a free female and then you push the male of the next fan and so on, so why cable at all such a ?! My friends are right, the service is bad, and even at such not good prices .. I do not know what I went to buy her name is stupid like me .. I already ordered the RTX3090 STRIX at KSP, that's for sure.
  9. Kirill, you're making a bitter mistake, when they sent me the Koolmaster master controller with the Maori, it came with such an adapter - just like you mentioned, which is a 1 to 3 splitter instead of 1 to 5, as you have in the picture, a micro USB has already been connected Himself and came a set of small teeth (male and female adapters of the cattle) so how do you offer me such a splitter, which is really really not the problem. See my friend, I came out of a simple assumption, and that is: If I connected the three fans to the controller, to connect the fans number 1-2-3- one colored worker - two others do not work, or one LED is lit .. (out of 9)
  10. I'm from Ashkelon, and my father lives in Eilat. And cooling for the D17 processor so far everything is fine, and here's the problem ... I also bought three ARGB Coolmaster fans .. after the Coolmaster website states that they work with ASUS AURA .. I connected them and they do not work - I connected others, and they work .. probably Faulty fans .. In a conversation with the store, applied guesses like "need a BIOS setting" "need control
  11. Hi I connected the Arduino Nano that I got or rather the LED strip for leg number 2 I also connected the GND from the Arduino to the LED strip and the strip, to a power source (5V) I of course connected the LEDs to a voltage source of 5 arrow in the right direction now I copy software 2 that was originally and records 7 LEDs as it is, instead of 30 and gets such an error message, after 60 attempts, it fails to copy it to Arduino: 10 (Windows Store 1.8.13) (Windows, board: "Arduino Nano, ATmega10P "In file included from C: \ Users \ Aviram
  12. Have you tried replacing a cable? Sometimes the cable that sits in the same position for many years, you twist it down a little bit it is ripped from the inside .. If not I really suggest opening to see if there is a flimsy component on power supply
  13. Bios update I had to do and add all the support for XEON processors
  14. Hi, I have a P43T ES3G board with a Q6600 processor I recently bought a W5430 processor which is a 771 I tried to connect the processor to the board, and the computer is up, but coming to Windows - and course what should I do? I have a Bios F7, there is a sticker on the processor that hides two pins as it should be and the Chinese seller also probably made him "defects" so I can connect it to my board because I realized it sits a little differently but still to no avail - Windows crashes I return the old processor Windows cost anyone experienced in MOD from 771 to 775 ?? I also saw a video, there is a board like mine and the same model of processor (almost E5450) and it works and the guy did a job
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