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  1. Thanks a lot for the help and answer I wanted to ask something else with someone who knows in HWINF0 software has a value called vr vcc temperature Is this the VRM temperature on the board?

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    For sale I7 processor 8700K processor in new condition was barely used

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  3. Hello everyone I have an asus z370-a prime board and I9 9900K processor Cooling NH-D15 Black I was told Z370 boards are less good for this processor but anyway I started overclocking right now the voltage is 1.26 frequency 4.9 GHz The maximum temperature is 74 in PRIME95 how much can this processor be stretched Do you think? What is the voltage that must not work? And what is the maximum temperature that must not be exceeded? And is it worth doing Dalid for this processor? I was told it was soldered and some say it can be done I would be happy to help
  4. Hello everyone I have an I7-8700K processor with overclocking to 5.1 memory 2X16GB 3600MHZ CL16 MSI X TRIO 2080 TI video card and probably a friend wants to buy the card from me I am considering with selling and buying RTX 3080 I play the majority in 1080P and 2K Can my processor cause a bottleneck ? Is it worth it or better to stay with my card?
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    For sale very powerful video card MSI X TRIO 2080 TI 11GB The card in new condition was used only on weekends Bought from TMS a year and a half ago at 6000 The card comes with an invoice box and warranty

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  6. First of all thank you very much for the help what can happen if it is MSI's BIOS and fits the card? What are the dangers?
  7. With less soldering I want to mess Is it worth doing a burn of the BIOS? I want to burn him this BIOS Is it recommended?
  8. Help about overclocking to MSI 2080 TI X TRIO I am overclocking with MSI AFTERBURNER I put 90 on the core and 500 on the memory and I see blogs the card reaches 330W watts and reaches POWERLIMIT Another method besides burning BIOS to get more out of it? I would be happy to help
  9. Help about 7/24 Voltage Hello everyone I have an I7-8700K processor that has been Dalid with cooling NH-D15 ASUS PRIME Z370-A board My question at the moment is the frequency 5.2 at voltage 1.39 Maximum temperature 70 and at 5.1 Voltage 1.36 Maximum temperature 65 My question how much is it worn The silicon of the processor 1.36 versus 1.39 Does the voltage wear out more than temperature? And is it a tension for 7/24? Thanks for the helpers
  10. Hello everyone I switched my video card to 2080 TI and I have an ASUS Z370 board and there is an option in BIOS Speed ​​PCIE has AUTO GEN1 GEN2 GNE3 at first it was on AUTO and everything worked peaks I tried to put on GEN3 because many recommend it is the highest speed and once Windows came up there is a delay in sound I Seeing a movie or anything else the sound comes in Delay I brought it back to AUTO everything works peaks does anyone have an idea why? And as for the speed I checked with some software it shows on GEN3X16 also it is on AUTO
  11. I have a price of NIS 3000 and 3070 not a hit at all from what I heard and it is with less memory anyway I would love to know which of the two tickets is better
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