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  1. Both are not external, if you want external buy something like this https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=852063 not related to backup. To install, Windows must be on external media. I suggest that for a start you do some research on how to install Windows.
  2. Write powercfg -requests in CMD and upload an image here.
  3. What I would recommend is to just go and buy one that is really not worth living without backup at all. If you still do not perform a backup you should understand that when installing Venidus nothing is deleted if not deleted, ie if you do not do the deletion or boot operation yourself all the files will just stay. Since you need to be a little aware of what you are doing and understand exactly what You approve etc. first thing check if the disk is now GPT or MBR in disk management.And according to this you will burn the windows on the disk on key, if the disk on key has to be MBR and it is burned as GPT, during installation it will not continue until the disk is initialized , Save yourself the experience and wonder and check
  4. Reburn the ISO on the on-key disk and in the RUFUS settings before burning change the GPT to MBR.
  5. Installing Venidus does not do as you describe, you need to burn the ISO to an on-key disk [Warning! All its contents will be deleted] with suitable software like RUFUS after burning you need to boot the computer from the on-key disk. Each computer menu is different and the way to get to it is different it can be something like F12 or F9 etc. check in Google according to the model of your computer) during the installation steps you can format without any problem.
  6. You may have already missed the train ... all your games and attempts to get him up are deteriorating in any case. In such a situation, if the material is very important, do not touch or put it in the computer at all and contact the company to recover information (the cost ...).
  7. It is only possible by buying a compatible controller to disassemble the monitor from the computer and connect it regularly to the controller.
  8. It may be that he is already dying, you should first check his SMART on the computer he is uploading. (With CrystalDiskInfo for example)
  9. If done properly, it is certainly possible. (Maybe in SSD it is different)
  10. Basically you should have the option in drive D to expand it to 19GB. If you want to fix it completely or move it to C or something else you will need to use partition management software like MiniTool Partition Attention! Work carefully with the software not to do something you are not sure about, of course take care of the backup before anything you do. Note 2 The operation (with the software) may take a long time, keep in mind.
  11. I did not intend from there to see the password, but from there to activate the admin account every time without getting involved with various software.
  12. It is possible to activate the ADMIN account and from there see what happens without knowing if someone is logging in (otherwise he is looking and he knows where). If you want more often you can put CMD instead of sethc and make it simple. If you need to know the password you can install the admin account Software that monitors keyboard activities and then set that the user will have to change a password next time (with the state of change and control of Microsoft today it will not be suspicious) and then remove the code from the software .. [there is a situation that it will work]
  13. You can check the power with the pin shortening 4-5 (usually green and black) on the right with the clips facing up.
  14. Which 'device' is identified as a disk on key or as a mobile device
  15. Thanks, I found a calculator for this. If it helps someone https://www.seagate.com/em/en/video-storage-calculator/
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