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  1. That software has two standard one clone options and one designed for operating systems from HDD to SSD if you used the 'normal' option the computer would not do a bot.
  2. For such hardware ???? And what's the recommendation to supply 350W ?? Tomorrow her motherboard will die hard disk, or she'll just get tired of the computer's erosion and so on, and she'll have a new supplier that has nothing to do with it because new hardware is no longer suitable. , Or looking for some second hand supplier or a used technician to sell.
  3. At what stage is the screen black before or after logging in? Which hard disk has HDD or SSD? Did you buy a new computer?
  4. Do you hear a connection sound when you plug in the drive, does the bulb light up on a hard disk?
  5. Possible, but basically you do not have to, install the system when the old disk is not connected, after installation you may need to change the boot order in order for the old system not to boot.
  6. From what you see in your D image is completely blank, so you can also do with Disk Management like this: Right click on the D and "Delete partition" as well as the 350 MB partition, then you will have the option to expand C drive over the entire area Note to D that if you now have files on disk D they will be deleted!
  7. Upload a screenshot of disk management with the disk connected (right click on Start> Disk Management)
  8. Click the speaker icon on the taskbar (next to the clock) and change the audio output to the computer's built-in.
  9. Do as in the video If you do not see the disk on there, look at your set as in the picture
  10. Probably just a matter of permissions Download this software http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/ntfsaccess/d-1.html Enter the path and confirm, it may take a lot of time depending on the amount of files and drive speed, the software may look like 'Not responding' but eventually doing work.
  11. Yes, you should have an ICO extension and then you can choose where you showed in the image
  12. Thanks to the response motherboard HASM H61M-E and UEFI enabled, I know how to work with these software you brought in, my questions were more focused - whether the system disk should be MBR and the other will be GPT or some prevention and how long it takes.
  13. Hello friends. I have an SSD drive and a 3TB HDD on my computer the thing is that when the computer is installed it has the MBR disks with of course the 3TB drive is not fully detected and the partition cannot be expanded, now the drive is blown and I want to convert it to GPT so I can expand it and get another 700 gigabytes. I tried using MiniTool Partition Wizard to convert the system drive and it did not work, I did not try to convert the HDD yet. My question is whether a disk should be in GPT format when the system disk is MBR as well as how long it takes in an order of magnitude, [which depends if any]. Of course I have backups for most things, but it wouldn't be nice now to deal with all that, just in case and .. Thanks a lot
  14. I have used DriverEasy they have a free version but it is hard to work with, (it both slows down and does not install automatically). If you don't want to use it for two years then try updating the audio driver first through the Device Manager
  15. I'm saying that if you really can't change the location of the file, the only option is to replace the system drive. You do not have to replace the M2 drive. You can also add a SATA SSD drive with the volume you want and have to transfer the system drive. System and software
  16. Any drive you buy will not be able to "add" it to an existing drive, so the options that are currently being checked again if you can still change the save location. Or replace the system drive if the target is SSD you can replace the system and all software, if it is not SSD you can add and transfer SATA drive or replace the system drive which is probably M2
  17. It is very similar to what you were only offered for a one year warranty, https://www.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=32847 I would have bought from Schneider, a very reliable store, I bought there several times and enjoyed the service and speed, I Offers you to get out of the square and buy there.
  18. You can also replace the disk of the target, in any case you have not written whether it is mobile or stationary, you should write some computer model or motherboard.
  19. This solved the problem completely .. The touchpad does not work in many models right away from installation. This does not mean that this problematic ASUS driver has always been the simplest. I have used with DriverEasy they have a free version but it does not install automatically. A little tricky, you can also try with Driver Booster even though I was disappointed with it after some computers knocked me out. And I had to fix the system ... In any case, I highly recommend doing a restore point first, get it through the search and set it first as active (don't know why it's not the default install) allocate enough space, and create a restore point.
  20. About that ^^ Don't think there's anything wrong with it, it's not a malfunction in an operating system that needs to be repaired with a new system. For the cluster developer I recently installed a computer just like that and also came across the blue screens, the solution was to update all the drivers [there are some problematic drivers, not one]. I used with software, also recommend, instead of doing it manually.
  21. I would look for it in software for drivers like DriverGenius and try to remove it through it, I came across something that could only be downloaded through software.
  22. I would look for it in software for drivers like DriverGenius and try to remove it through it, I came across something that could only be downloaded through software.
  23. I would look for it in software for drivers like DriverGenius and try to remove it through it, I came across something that could only be downloaded through software.
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