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  1. Thanks so much to all the helpers that eventually worked out. I reinstalled and updated drivers by software and probably the problem driver was related to audio, which I didn't see a need for before, or rather I saw a need not to update because of all the problems it caused after updating Windows.
  2. Hope this is fine https://f2h.io/5pxqgjei55s9 By the way I do manage to download from the forum, check with you
  3. I installed without an internet connection. If not go I can upload to external server thank you very much 042720-3562-01.zip
  4. This happens even if I do not update the Windows at all as I wrote - Clean installation
  5. Thank you very much, this time (of installation) I also had a crash every time after normal shutdown and startup. (Last time I did not update everything but just the display) So this crash may well work out after I update the drivers. But besides, there was a collapse after bedtime after everything I did. 042720-3562-01.zip 042720-3562-01.zip
  6. Thanks for the response but I didn't find anything there that I didn't try. Maybe there is someone here who knows how to decode DMP files to be more focused?
  7. Hello friends this is a new Asus X509JA EJ024 computer completely clean installation, and as I wrote in the title I do a hibernation and when I "wake up" it just makes a blue screen not always the same screen, as I understand it is a kind of memory leak but find no way to solve It. As I wrote, I tried to update all the drivers with software or through the driver, I also tried to install only the display driver (from the Asus website) and still the problem exists, it seems to me that the memory is not correct because the computer is really new, I also made a bio update, (301 ). And I also tried to update the Windows (1909), and also tried to install an older one in 1903. I would be very happy to help, and more than happy to answer soon. Thank you!
  8. Apparently, the hard disk has been disconnected
  9. I recently encountered a similar problem only because there was no simple printer network identified only as a scanner, even after reinstalling the driver from the manufacturer's site. The solution was to update the driver with software, I used with driver easy, you can try to update it first from Device Manager.
  10. Recovery software works in such a way that it first scans the entire drive, in the second step it lets you choose what you want to restore and then in Restore it actually copies from the drive to the location you set. Note by no means set the location of the recovery to the same drive because It crashes the files and damages the restore, which means you will need to have a different drive the size of all the files you want to recover. After all the above steps and you see that you have all the files, just go into disk management and delete all partitions and set one partition to boot and it will be recognized. Please note that the software is not free ... !!
  11. Unlike recovery programs that only read from the disk and therefore in good working order nothing to lose in trying to recover, partition recovery programs also make changes and need great care and experience to work with such software that can also damage the file recovery attempts if not successful.
  12. Big disk in good condition. Which means you won't get any responsibility for it either, the store owner might be nice and reboot your disk and you can use it - whatever you can do .. Anyway with the files you can use recovery software, should restore well depending on which files and what really happened to the disk. Recommends Active.File.Recovery on older versions 16 and newer just too slow and not necessarily more effective, also Wondershare_Recoverit option.
  13. I would not recommend running the warranty first thing because in this case the disk is probably fine, the second warranty is never on the material so if the disk is broken it is worth first to remove the material! The problem here is that partitions can be deleted for some reasons, but it may not be well identified because the bios has been reset, so check another computer. In either case you need to activate or repair midnight or restore. First of all, you should check the integrity of the disk. With dedicated software like CrystalDiskInfo - upload a photo of the disk in question.
  14. Eli Jordan

    Hard disks are good

    There is a warning about drive F because of the accumulation of many defective sectors it is very advisable to back everything up immediately before it is too late and very expensive ... good C drive.
  15. You open Device Manager, expand System Devices and upload the photo to see all the lines
  16. First of all, try what they have to offer. The simple solution. I have encountered similar glitches in the past few months on some computers [there were some that didn't even work through the speakers] The thing is there were some that were also after new installations !! That is, it is not possible to delete a problematic update like they wrote above me, and even after digging on the net and after asking here I found no answer. Eventually I came across the problem - all the computers I came across were from Dell and so I assumed that one of the Windows updates was "crashing" into some Dell driver, the assumption turned out to be correct and after deleting the Waves-MaxxAudio-Pro-Application driver that is Dell's sound management and driver update Or reinstalling the Realtek, the problem is solved. Although Waves-MaxxAudio is a type of software, it does not have a neat removal in the removal program list, and even disabling its startup does not solve the problem, and it is complicated to delete it through the software files [authorization errors]. That's why I did the deletion via driver management software (can't remember if it appears in Device Manager and how.) Good luck!
  17. Try pressing the power button for ten seconds when the computer is unplugged and try to turn it on again, if it doesn't help if there is a video card you disassemble and try, if you don't break the RAM cards clean it with a dry cloth and return it one by one. In any case, it's probably not the disk - not at this point.
  18. https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1045636 מחשב מעולה בשבילך. מסך 14 אינצ', לא הייתי ממליץ לך לחפש יותר קטן כי זה לא נוח בפתיחת תוכנות גם של תכנות צריך קצת מקום במסך, גם 14 הוא די גבולי. [אפשרות שדרוג לא גדולה - עד 16 ראם אבל לא תצטרך לשדרג יותר].
  19. Right-click the Task Manager taskbar and upload a picture after you work from the Performance tab
  20. Does your computer crash with the effort you put into it or as soon as you launch it, in any project or precisely that? If it is not immediately a course, check with the Task Manager when he starts the effort if he uses a video card.
  21. Click on the View tab and there check the 'Show hidden files and folders' option if you don't see it yet. Click there on 'Options'> View and uncheck 'Hide protected operating system files'. If you see the files only in the second option it is better to fix it and return the hiding of the system files.
  22. The 2000 area is reasonable but there are also 1700 that will work.
  23. To my knowledge, the name of the browser folder cannot be renamed, if you still want to change, you will open a new admin user and delete the old one (not before copying all files).
  24. thank you for the answer. You're right, I actually downloaded a desktop version even though the download page says that the download is also suitable for the netbook (link above). I noticed it before I even saw the response and downloaded again just as you suggested but still the first problem was that there were such epic blasts in the rose and such, and HDMI was not absorbed.
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