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  1. Thanks for the article today the very high prices of memory and motherboard and more I do not see the need to buy a new computer now even though my computer is already at 2.5 and also that Intel's competitor has not yet released new processors I will wait for now
  2. I would be happy to help in which store you can already buy the new memories DDR5 I would be happy for the nicks I would be happy to help
  3. Hi since there is a caravan the shipping prices have gone up so you will pay more and also on import tax will take money My recommendation Buy in the country from one of the reliable stores and also you will get warranty on parts in the country successfully
  4. Very poor specifications even the drives there have a small volume and the memories are not 16 GB and the computer is not worth the money I highly recommend you to open a post and write according to the menu what you need to have in the new computer successfully
  5. I personally pay because I do not play computer games that require an expensive video card so it cuts the price volume and there will also be boards in the future at a price of 500 to 800 NIS which are good for my needs and processors I personally am tired of Intel I will go to the processor Ann if it is better In my budget
  6. Hi tell you what is better Annie knows but if you want the drive for the operating system then I highly recommend you to buy 1Tra it is definitely better also because of operating system updates and also always good some more volume you will have success
  7. a question. When will computers support DDR5 memories? Is there any expectation? What's certain? I will not bring a new computer that does not support DDR5. Thanks
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