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  1. I wrote that I tried to watch a movie, that's where it happened too.
  2. The media flyer won't help because it happens to me for example series site .. Basically I ran through vlc and it happened there too. How do I enable hardware acceleration ???
  3. In my opinion, you have attached the same file of the drivers. Anyway, I made the updates through Lenovo's website, but didn't see anything related to voice ...
  4. Computer like this from the beginning when I bought. Will not know who installed on the computer, it is bought in ksp.
  5. not helping. I did not understand, not good what I put up?
  6. How do I check the media info what content I need?
  7. I will check things out when I get home, but it seems strange to me that such a computer could not run a series on the site in series properly .. or a movie I downloaded from another computer without introducing Dilay .. and installed new drivers and it did not help.
  8. In every video or even movie I see on my computer, there are delays that begin slowly and become simply impossible to watch. Lenovo legion y540 I bought last month if it matters. Anyone know what to do?
  9. She was carrying heavier weights .. That's not what would stop her. And she needs a computer that will provide it for all school, and if it holds beyond them, then why not ... without looking at a matter of weight
  10. Thank you!! And one more thing. Isn't it better to buy such a computer from abroad cheaply? Or is the responsibility here necessary and important? Do such a lot of problems happen?
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