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  1. Adds: The problem is also in Chrome !! As if in my two browsers this is happening what could be the problem?
  2. Hello everyone! For some reason, my EDGE deletes my entire history after exiting it even though in the settings I did not do when I close it will delete what could be the problem? PS Yesterday I added an SSD to the computer (for data, not for WINDOWS), but it is unlikely to be the problem ...
  3. Precisely in the current FIFA there is finally a fit for PS remotes, what was not every year you tried DS4Windows?
  4. The really specific model my model is almost a letter and the thing, that only apart from this DM name it is different. Is it old?
  5. Where did Dalit get this information from? I did not find in the whole network ....
  6. asus vivobook 15 x542ur That's the model name and that's what I saw fit right now
  7. Hello everyone! I need to buy a new charger for my laptop, but have not found the exact desired diameter. Do not want to buy and be disappointed. How can I know before buying what is the diameter?
  8. Hello everyone! I come in connection with an article on the website: for the first time ? Since I saw on Amazon's website that only says LAPTOP thanks!
  9. Hello everyone! I wanted to ask what is called "transmission speed". I get 1Gbps by network cable, does that mean exactly? And the question interests me more, that I am connected with WIFI I am on 1.3Gbps, could it be better for me to surf (and play!) With WIFI over the network cable? And is it possible to increase the transmission speed By network cable? Thank you
  10. Hello everyone! I have seen 2 companies offering USB 3 extension cable, both of the same price, but wondering which is better? Gold Touch VS Etion Thank you very much, I would love to hear a quote on the matter.
  11. Just a complete and effective answer. Thank you very much.
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