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  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to ask what is called "transmission speed". I get 1Gbps by network cable, does that mean exactly? And the question interests me more, that I am connected with WIFI I am on 1.3Gbps, could it be better for me to surf (and play!) With WIFI over the network cable? And is it possible to increase the transmission speed By network cable? Thank you
  2. Hello everyone! I have seen 2 companies offering USB 3 extension cable, both of the same price, but wondering which is better? Gold Touch VS Etion Thank you very much, I would love to hear a quote on the matter.
  3. Just a complete and effective answer. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello everyone! I use with 256GB SSD drive. There is an option called "Compress this drive to save disk space" that makes all files less compressed and weighed, is it effective? Or does it make something else work wrong? Thank you!
  5. That's exactly the problem I was looking for how to do it, and the truth you were right. thank you very much.
  6. There is evidence: I scan through, it shows me by Intel how can I change? Thanks
  7. First of all, thank you everyone and much peace! I bought this screen: and my computer (laptop) is pretty much the specification: 256GB SSD 8GB geforce 930mx i7 8650i memory So I sometimes play it on FIFA 20 (don't know If it matters but whatever), I'm obviously playing on LOW, because my computer isn't good enough for it. But whatever, mobile is a great worker! No problems and no glitches and nothing, thank goodness. but what? I connect HDMI to a computer (ie HDMI to HDMI), until the computer's game screen runs properly, but on the above Samsung screen the image is grating ... not moving well etc. What could be the problem please? Can it be overcome? Thank you!!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm in the process of buying a video card, and right now what caught my eye is the GTX 1660 Super model just what, I saw that there is a version of 2 fans alongside 3 fans. What are the essential differences between them? Do I have to worry about getting 3 fans or 2 will satisfy me? Thank you! 2 fans 3 fans
  9. And if we are dealing with our topic, what are the differences between the SUPER and the TI? Are there any significant differences between each other? And of course what is the best between the two? Thanks again!
  10. 1660&lm=67811f6fe7412e1e688a9563b0774356 תודה רבה!
  11. I'm preparing to buy a video card for my computer. I see that there are video cards from MSI or GB. Are there any (significant) differences and what they are and why?
  12. I have a desktop computer without a monitor. What is the effective way to display the stationary computer on a laptop monitor? Thanks! There is an HDMI connection on mobile and another connection that is included in the picture
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