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  1. Two disadvantages I found in Bezeq's fibers 1. The installation cost also in high-rise homes 2. Bezeq Like Bezeq, even in fiber, a minimum speed of only 0.01 M is required for upload and download, which is delusional
  2. Greetings! Specifications of the computer in question (this is a poor brand computer) i7 I4770S processor (slightly weaker than the standard 4770, base frequency of 3.1 instead of 3.4) Memory: 32 GB Disk: Samsung SSD Video card: TI 750 2 GB Course software: Scatchup V- Ray for SketchUp Photoshop 3D MAX The question is will the above processor carry the software? To which maximum video card can I upgrade given that the power supply is 290 W, it can not be replaced because it has special connections of Dell just to mention that it is only a computer for studies thanks in advance For all seasons
  3. The difference can also be in the amount of pages that can be printed on each toner
  4. Will work but the transport of material to and from the card will be very slow unless you invest in fast tickets
  5. We were all amazed today to hear the announcement of the Helsinki Committee headed by Dr. Tehila Altushler, demanding that the corona vaccine campaign be stopped on the grounds that it was an experiment in humans that did not receive the committee's approval. The unprecedented success of the vaccine campaign is astonishing all over the world. Stick to the wheels and stop the success. Dr. Tehila Altushler is a senior researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute. The same institute founded and formerly presided over by Dr. Eric Carmon. You know Arik Carmon from the video in which Ehud Barak and friends gather at a villa in Savyon on the eve of the demonstrations in Balfour. Horrifying and unfortunate as it may sound, people seem to be walking among us who built on elections in the shadow of a medical catastrophe
  6. We have several Brother MFCL2710DW printers at work, very satisfied with them, also the scanning interface is very convenient
  7. Note that ch33 puts you a processor with an F extension that has no built-in graphics core in the processor which also requires a separate video card that does not exist in the specification, if you want a processor with a built-in graphics core the need for an external video card has the same processor only without an F extension at 817 NIS
  8. This most difficult level of keyboards that are soldered to the laptop case
  9. A known problem in WIN 10 for several years.
  10. This is exactly where the answer lies, the computers were brought in by the great demand during the Corona period, but the demand is great for the supply, the Ministry of Education alone purchased 150,000 laptops.
  11. I have the same problem on a Toshiba computer, and my problem is with a charging controller, for me when the computer works if I connect and disconnect the charger several times from the computer, in the end it charges, I have been living with the fault for two years
  13. I bought from TMS several times, the service is excellent
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