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  1. Even though the disk has 1 tera, and it is not full, a message pops up in my laptop that the drive is full. What to do ?
  2. Does a message pop up every few hours in the antivirus eset / How do I find the source of it and delete it? http://www.up2me.co.il/imgs/77584864.png
  3. Hello I have an expensive Lenovo computer that I bought two years ago with 250 GB. I asked a technician to duplicate everything to a 1Tra drive It turned out that now there is no license for the operating system, even though I purchased with an operating system and an original license. what can be done ?
  4. Today I spoke with Lenovo Support. Took over remotely and were unable to resolve the issue. The representative argued that it was necessary to replace the touchpad on the computer. Just annoying. From the first moment there was a problem with the laptop and they refused to replace.
  5. Should you give it a try? https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-CEKMN-and-V-Series-Notebooks/Lenovo-v15-ill-Touchpad-not-working/mp/5030318?page=1#5107340
  6. I called to determine that there is still a warranty, I thought I might find a solution here
  7. good week. Laptop problem. The touchpad suddenly does not work. When we bought it was also a problem. The technician came and dropped drivers and set up. Now the problem is back again. I did not find any update to this on the Lenovo website. lenovo ideapad 5-15iil 81yk009civ
  8. I have a new computer. Today I worked with the calculator, and now it can not be opened. Clicks and does not respond. what can be done ? Reset and removal did not help either. I removed and failed to install from the app store. Clicks and does not respond
  9. Hello, I bought a new computer. When you click to delete a file or document, it still appears. Only in freshness is it gone. How do I change the deletion setting?
  10. My wife and son were in England for 3 weeks in December and purchased a sim, £ 10 a month. They were promised it was only for a month. I happened to go through the credit details and it turns out that they continue to charge every month. It's been 8 months. I sent them an email and they did not reply. How do I cancel a continued charge and a refund request? I'm on 012 and I have 50 minutes free call I do not understand how to dial in 012 I was told that you only need to dial the country code and line number. Despite this I get a message in Hebrew that I did not dial correctly I wrote down the number 442070310791 I spoke with the service representative she said press 0 long, get + then prefix and the number or 00, prefix and the number How can I tell if it is flat and not mobile?
  11. Hello I have a 5 year old Philips screen. Appears up in white bandwidth that stands out against the blue background of a desktop. What is the reason for this? Is the screen problem? Attaching photo thanks
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