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  1. Ok. I turned it off for a few minutes and it went back to work. Maybe it will help someone if it happens to him too
  2. I'm sitting with my computer, all of a sudden the screen loses it. It starts flashing lines and lights regardless. I checked the connection, tried on another computer, took it out of the socket and put it back, it only comes back for a few seconds at a terrible resolution and immediately goes wrong again. A few minutes ago there were some power outages in the house. Could it be related maybe? Save me here!
  3. I recently found on Amazon a RAM from a company I had not heard of, the price is really great (maybe too much) but the reactions are very positive. A little apprehensive about buying a product from an unfamiliar company attaching a link to the product, maybe someone knows?
  4. I've been asked this, and obviously I tried, I'm not an idiot
  5. Is there a board mode that does not support a 1050 ti video card?
  6. Do you think there is a reasonable chance that this will be resolved?
  7. Maybe anyway? It's just a lot of hassle now to get it back
  8. Any more ideas before I return it to whoever sold it to me?
  9. That's really what I did and that's what happened
  10. There is a disable or unable hope I wrote correctly
  11. Is there a situation where because it's without a case it's not laid out well or something?
  12. I checked the definition of the graphic internal and it was on auto what do you mean? I also tried disabling it and it still did not work
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