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  1. Ok. I turned it off for a few minutes and it went back to work. Maybe it will help someone if it happens to him too
  2. I'm sitting with my computer, all of a sudden the screen loses it. It starts flashing lines and lights regardless. I checked the connection, tried on another computer, took it out of the socket and put it back, it only comes back for a few seconds at a terrible resolution and immediately goes wrong again. A few minutes ago there were some power outages in the house. Could it be related maybe? Save me here!
  3. I recently found on Amazon a RAM from a company I had not heard of, the price is really great (maybe too much) but the reactions are very positive. A little apprehensive about buying a product from an unfamiliar company attaching a link to the product, maybe someone knows?
  4. I've been asked this, and obviously I tried, I'm not an idiot
  5. Is there a board mode that does not support a 1050 ti video card?
  6. Do you think there is a reasonable chance that this will be resolved?
  7. Maybe anyway? It's just a lot of hassle now to get it back
  8. Any more ideas before I return it to whoever sold it to me?
  9. That's really what I did and that's what happened
  10. There is a disable or unable hope I wrote correctly
  11. Is there a situation where because it's without a case it's not laid out well or something?
  12. I checked the definition of the graphic internal and it was on auto what do you mean? I also tried disabling it and it still did not work
  13. Right right right I hope I did not burn anything
  14. What to do, right, I'm really desperate and even that was not triggered by it.
  15. If it's something in the BIOS settings it should fix if reset them no? Because I did it a few times
  16. I have now removed all the drivers with DDU in Safe Mode and it is still not running through the card in the restart. I noticed that if I take out the card when the computer is on, everything goes wrong and the screen changes colors and everything. So he does pick up on a certain level having a card
  17. I have now downloaded all the video card drivers in Safe Mode, I have restarted and it is still running only from the internal card, should I reinstall now?
  18. So that way, the power supply is 450W and I know it is enough. As for the cables, the video card is in the low profile version, so it does not require electrical connections. I have already tried to disconnect the vga connection and it does not help, there is no post. I know the connections are OK because I tried with the same video card, monitor and cables on another computer and it worked. The hard disk was with an operating system and drivers, I just tried to download all the drivers manually and connect and it did not help (I installed them back and they do not now recognize any video card). Are you saying that should be removed with this software?
  19. Ok, I did it, still not working. I mention the fans are working. Do you have more solutions?
  20. I do not have another video card, do you think the slot is ruined? Because it looks completely intact
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