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  1. I have an 8.5 year old Samsung that holds up nicely to this day (I took it to university, and now take it to the desert and to work) - model NP355V5C-01IL (full specification in profile - I made some upgrades). At the time, it cost NIS 2000 in a bug.
  2. Everyone uses third-party company fans, but I would not describe the company as "generic". There is a difference in quality between fans in shekels which are an imitation of a fan that Gigabyte uses (in the quality of the motor, cables and blades). I say this from experience. The imitations really mimic even the sticker of the real company, but do not get confused, as the quality is inferior. In any case we will see what gigabytes will answer. I think it will be cheaper for him to send himself from the US a middle fan (I would already ask for the whole set lol) that will be accepted under warranty from Gigabyte (and pay only for shipping from the US) and so he will get a new and original fan that will be the same as the previous fan he had.
  3. @amstel You can purchase the means without the sides for $ 11 including shipping https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002517938404.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.231974a88OMbDi&algo_pvid=69e08e76-ed85-4b4c-818c5e5 -ed9-6455b6c-69c-08c76a85d4f4-818 & btsid = 5bb5e9e6455 & ws_ab_test = searchweb6_1, searchweb0_, searchweb0623216213758652488851_ Note that according to the pictures it looks like this is the same model as yours, but. Personally, I would contact the manufacturer and request a new set of fans, and send the same price through the US as part of the warranty (of original fans!). In addition - I would still try to perform the BIOS repair I suggested for the motherboard.
  4. what do you mean? That the service from Gigabyte is less good? Better? I think it would not hurt to try anyway. I have had several times to exercise warranty on various products from the US and almost always the manufacturer is happy to ship the spare parts to a US address. In some cases the manufacturer even shipped the replacement parts to the country (A-DATA) after I sent the defective product back to him. Note that the fans sold on eBay look original (you need to talk to the seller to make sure, and even then with a limited warranty), this is in contrast to the fans in the "fraction of the price" on AliExpress. - There is an alternative in AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001865485002.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.414b37e1tl7kIm&algo_pvid=76c07d5a-92b6-4881-b153-e436a053b003-76-07 -5 & btsid = 92bb6ed4881e153 & ws_ab_test = searchweb436_053, searchweb003_, searchweb0_ but since I'm not sure if it will work with the RX0 (even though it is the same model and the same dimensions) I did not see fit to recommend it. If you find 0623116213305519452025 T4SU / PLD3S0H fans for his video card (note - Aorus RX 0 with fans some 201602mm in diameter) for $ 201603 - please send a link and I'm sure the discussion opener will thank you very much for that. Of: A. Attempt to solve using the BIOS motherboard for $ 5700, B. Attempt to receive replacement fans from the manufacturer at a nominal cost of shipping of $ 3 and C. Purchase replacement fans at full price
  5. Some things: a. From a web search it seems that the solution to the problem is to force the PCI-E GEN 3 in the motherboard BIOS for the video card - do not know why but say it fixed the fans, recommend trying. When I had to replace fans for RX 580 from XFX I contacted them and they sent to my address in the US (via dealtas) for free a new and original set of fans. The cost of shipping to Israel was 8 dollars - recommend asking GIGABYTE to do something similar - send to the address of a US courier company . third. The last option is to purchase fans from eBay for $ 44: https://www.ebay.com/itm/184585772107?hash=item2afa2b5c4b:g:VL8AAOSwCGlgAnQp I was happy to help
  6. It's not just in the US that the warranty void if removed stickers were found to be invalid (in a situation where you open components like a video card!), So rather KSP stickers on the computer. @MuGi, when I mentioned that there was a problem with computers purchased in TMS when the operating system was installed on By, and the glitch was hard to crack, TMS did the minimum test - external SSD connection, installing an operating system on it and recovering the glitch. So found a lot of glitches. Really do not understand what the problem of KSP to put the minimum effort on it. Probably if the client would bring a computer Where KSP installed the operating system, but the client installed different and weird software, I want to believe that KSP would test the system on a clean copy of Windows (to rule out glitches due to installed software), so what does it matter who installed the operating system? From a store that will check the components of the computer! Especially if you think it is a hardware and not a software malfunction. In the worst case they will tell you "we could not recover the malfunction with a clean copy, recommend formatting the system". Of course there can be claims when using an operating system The latest story with AMD motherboards that the Internet is disconnecting from Operating system or motherboard malfunction. As for the warranty sticker on the case really there is nothing more to say, just a shame. If it was me I would go to the branch every two months and ask them to open the computer and clean it because I am not allowed to stick the sticker. Oh yeah, and also asking them to plug me in hard disks or memories and the like. It's like renting an apartment but you must not hang anything on the wall. ridiculous.
  7. Tip from me - recommends contacting the global manufacturer as well. I remember when KSP refused to exercise warranty I contacted Reiser Global who said that the LEDs in the headphones are covered under warranty contrary to KSP's claim. So too did DELL Global say that a pressure point on the screen and broken keys on the keyboard are covered by the warranty! Worked great against PC ONLINE who initially wanted payment for it and said it was not covered by the warranty
  8. Reminds me of the case where KSP stated to my brother that fingerprints on Razer headphones that were just purchased and found to be defective = heavy use and require a 20% cancellation fee
  9. I'm with 1080P (RX580 card) and somehow manage to carry
  10. Lol my used rx580 for $ 100 ages like wine (I also got free fans as part of the warranty from XFX! For a used card!)
  11. Officially you are right, but the discussion opener may in due course unofficially upgrade to the i9 9900 processor (as I did with the z170-gaming 5 board) if he has the ability and desire to do the mods involved - link. And before they say it does not work - here is a board similar to his in the DDR3 version with less good VRM that works with a processor similar to the 9900 - Link are currently trying to understand why the computer crashes. Maybe it's the video card? Maybe the CPU? warming? Any component in the motherboard? Power Supply? Memories? Need to check some part. Then one can talk about replacing a video card to enhance the gaming experience
  12. Hello dear forum members! It's been a long time (6.5 years) since I installed Xeon processors on the LGA771 boards that work to this day (reminder for those who want to remember - link) today I come to you with another installation I did on the computer (against Intel's wishes), and this is the 6700K upgrade I had so far to 9900K on board Z170 (not officially supported). It should be noted that I do not take responsibility for this guide and everyone carries it out on their own initiative while understanding the dangers involved in the process. The complete installation guide is here: https://linustechtips.com/topic/1118475-guide-running-coffeelakerefresh-cpus-on-skykabylake-motherboards/. Note that there are some updates (due to the update of CoffeTime software to version 0.92) and additional distinctions that I discovered during the attempts to install the processor. Each motherboard requires a different installation, but for the sake of clarity to the guide here I will mention the highlights for Gigabyte 1 boards. First download the BIOS files and Coffetime 0.92 software as shown in the manual, along with the FlashProgrammingTool (FPT) software. Place them in folders on drive C 2. Prepare the BIOS using the software with administrator privileges, as shown in the following image: Note that both the ME and the VBIOS + GOP must be updated so that they can work with the processors (and the appropriate microcodes, and make sure it is saved!). In the EXTRA personal label I added a memory expansion to 128 GB whatever. Also important - in MAC1 add the MAC address of the Intel network card in your possession and keep the number for yourself (can be found in the network card properties) 3. If your operating system is installed on NVME, and the NVME is in MBR format and not GPT - you will need to convert it to GPT before executing the mode, using RECOVERY mode with MBR2GPT command: 3. Great, you have the BIOS, the SSD drive in the appropriate format and you are ready to burn. Before that please make sure you have a backup BIOS (before editing) on ​​an on-key disk if you need to rewind through the BIOS (I should have). Now comes the step of using FPT to burn the BIOS (in other boards the way may be different, like using Programmer), as shown in the guide. It is important not to disconnect the computer from the power supply at this point otherwise the BIOS will be Corrupted. Once the burn is complete, you are ready to install the CPU. 4. Shut down the computer via FPT only using the fptw64 -greset command, and before the computer shuts down, turn it off again and do not let it turn on. Disconnect it from the power supply and remove the battery. 5. Before installing the processor, you will need to cover some of its pins according to the board (Gigabyte covers the most), and connect some of them (depending on the board): Here is the gluing I did using a kind seller from AliaCapsers who also brought tweezers: 6. Install the processor on the board. Put the cooler on for a moment and make sure the board goes up (if you can, I used the board's number bulbs to make sure it goes up) before you put everything together (if it does not come up you may not have put the BIOS properly, or you may not have put the codes properly). If it comes up, turn it off and shut down the computer. 7. Make sure the cooler is seated properly and turn on the computer, go into BIOS8. Great, you're almost done! In my case the CPU was at too high a voltage (1.4VCORE) which put a load on the VRM and they also crash. This is of course exceptional and the VCORE should be lower. In the BIOS use Adaptive Vcore and download at least 0.100V (in my case, play with it to see that the CPU does not get too much voltage) and check the stability. Monitor the temperature of the VRM and CPU using HWinfo 9. Renew PS - My old Mugen 2 (which still cooled the Q9300) cools this processor well (better than the 6700K! Thanks to the fact that the processor is soldered to IHS as opposed to 6700K) and is silent. I get higher and more stable frames with the computer, my brother can encode movies at 2x higher speed, and I can be with a quiet mind for a few more years until I have to upgrade. The computer is stable after I have arranged the voltages. Was very enjoyable and worth it! Just make sure you have a board with VRM good enough for that and be prepared for the complexity of the process. Too bad Intel did not let us just install the CPU in a normal way (because as you can see, it works great), but for that there is Modding I would be happy to help with any question / request!
  13. The Galaxy S8 is back from repair, which is the state of waterproofing. Waterproof stickers cost one dollar! One can gently say that the phone is no longer water resistant. Know this when you send your phone for repair.
  14. Hey! I just got 2 Acer XV253QP 144hz 1080P 24.5 IPS monitors for my RX 580 card, and I immediately started testing them. I bought them from Amazon UK. There are no light leaks, the IPS glow is greater than my 2007FP but it can be tackled, without back light leaks, the uniformity is great. The panel is 8 bit which can reach 10 bit with FRC. (AUO panel). It does not come with DP cable so I bought one alone at NIS 30 from KSP (1.2, this monitor supports 1.4 by OSD) I wanted to test the overdrive and overshoot. In overdrive 144hz regular overdrive + freesync everything is great. But, when dropping to 60 Hz with overdrive in normal and spoiled state for synchronization, there is a massive overshoot (see before and after pictures). What I did to resolve it (since the overdrive is not changeable when freesync is enabled) is to disable adaptive synchronization in OSD, change overdrive to OFF, and then turn on adaptive synchronization again. This causes Acer to work with freesync but with the Overdrive off. The screen is fast enough to get minimal ghosting with overdrive off and 144Hz. So now you know how to fix the overshoot at 60hz. This panel is fast enough so it doesn't have to overdrive. I strongly recommend purchasing this monitor as the overshoot problem can be easily solved. This is still fast in my eyes compared to the AOC 24G2 / U when the Acer overshoot is inactive. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/qLeujXt
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