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  1. Thank you so much! I will also check. I'll just note that I have not reset the BIOS yet or the cmos. I just checked what's going on in the BIOS, to see how much RAM is listed there.
  2. The computer does not boot with one separately, only when the two are connected the computer mounts. Separately - one puts the computer in power saving mode. The second does not rise at all and only causes the fans to operate and that's it. And it's a compatible pair of Vengeance LPX.
  3. In another forum I was offered to do a resume for CMOS, is it worth a try? I was told that it is very strange that it shows me that 2 slots are in use, but only 16GB, and Eli Epic CMOS will help.
  4. I will definitely check it out, but I thought I would upgrade the RAM to something better, maybe even 64GB. Just checking options.
  5. In case one of the sticks did go and I choose to upgrade (instead of replacing one of them), what RAM is worth buying CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: RTX 2070 super motherboard: Asus Prime x370-pro PSU: corsair psu 620w rm650x storage: Samsung ssd 500gb 960 evo m2, 860 evo 2TB (2 of the 860) CPU cooler: noctua nh-u12s Case: fractal design define R5
  6. I replaced stalots, and still the same.
  7. I tried what you said to do, but I'm still at only 16GB. I tried to start the computer with one stick separately, but the first one puts me in power saving mode. The second just makes all my fans work faster and louder. I have 4 slots, can I try to put the memory in the 2 empty slots. The problem is that the CPU fan slightly covers one of the blanks. Is it worth it or safe to try this option at 03:02, or something in the BIOS maybe? The BIOS has a total memory of 16384 mb. Do not see anything about 32GB there, but maybe I do not know where to check. Thanks
  8. Hello, I have 32GB of RAM. On the motherboard they sit about two 16GB each. 2 x 16 - Corsair DDR 4 32 G 3200 I have always seen 32GB, including in the Premier and After Effects. But today I noticed that I only see 16GB for some reason. I have no idea how I lost 16GB of memory. Seriously everything is connected according to what I see. How do I check the issue, and what is the way to resolve it? Could it be that one of the memories went to me? Thanks
  9. Hello, I am looking to buy bow headphones that will be comfortable for prolonged work on the ears. Good sound quality, comfort. Main use is some gaming, video calling and some video editing, but I do not need anything super accurate. Not going to listen to music, it's more for work. Budget around 600 and below. Willing to invest up to 700 if there is something quality that is worth it. Not critical to me wireless or wired. Yes it is important to have a microphone together. I saw good things about HyperX Cloud Flight. But my knowledge in headphones is very small so I would love to get a good recommendation. Thanks.
  10. Hello, after many searches of an electric adjustable table, I found Caesar's tables. I wanted to know if it would be worthwhile to purchase the twin-engine model they sell. I do not find reviews of this specific model, as far as I understand it is koplus hop. But in terms of "the best" I do not see it on the list. But I also see that in Israel I have a large selection of adjustable tables. d7% 99-% d7% 93% d7% 92% d7% 9d-hop /
  11. Hello, I am thinking of buying the Edifier 2.1 S350DB speakers. Or KANTO YU2 / YU4. I do not know about the subwoofer, whether I need one or not. Main use is to edit video on the computer, watch movies / series / YouTube and occasional gaming. But mostly video editing. I want something that will provide me with quality and accurate, but not at a crazy price of thousands of shekels. Most of the stuff I edit goes up on YouTube so I do not need anything for a film production. My budget is about 1000 NIS. It is important to note that I have an electric adjustable table, so the length of the cables is very critical for me, and I wanted to know if I would have any problems with the cables. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I am interested in purchasing 2.1 channel computer speakers. Main use video editing (also sound editing but less crazy) and a bit of gimmick here and there. I am looking for something quality but not too expensive, that will give me an accurate sound. I have an adjustable electric table, so the length of the cables is important to me (but not critical, you can get by). Do not know if it is worth wireless. I'm not looking for something too massive, in terms of size. Some speakers that caught my eye, but do not have any of them, I would love to get a recommendation for something good under 1000 NIS. Logitech Z625 ..770. & Kg = & list = 1 & sort = 2 & glist = 0 & u
  13. Hello I am considering purchasing an electric adjustable table from Softek. Are there any recommendations regarding such a table, or perhaps other companies that you should check with regarding such a table? Thanks
  14. Thank you! So there is nothing to worry about or should I try messing with the BIOS or any software to change it? I work with raw material quite already in the premiere so I'm a little apprehensive about it not turning around while working.
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