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  1. Hello, after many searches of an electric adjustable table, I found Caesar's tables. I wanted to know if it would be worthwhile to purchase the twin-engine model they sell. I do not find reviews of this specific model, as far as I understand it is koplus hop. But in terms of "the best" I do not see it on the list. But I also see that in Israel I have a large selection of adjustable tables. d7% 99-% d7% 93% d7% 92% d7% 9d-hop /
  2. Hello, I am thinking of buying the Edifier 2.1 S350DB speakers. Or KANTO YU2 / YU4. I do not know about the subwoofer, whether I need one or not. Main use is to edit video on the computer, watch movies / series / YouTube and occasional gaming. But mostly video editing. I want something that will provide me with quality and accurate, but not at a crazy price of thousands of shekels. Most of the stuff I edit goes up on YouTube so I do not need anything for a film production. My budget is about 1000 NIS. It is important to note that I have an electric adjustable table, so the length of the cables is very critical for me, and I wanted to know if I would have any problems with the cables. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am interested in purchasing 2.1 channel computer speakers. Main use video editing (also sound editing but less crazy) and a bit of gimmick here and there. I am looking for something quality but not too expensive, that will give me an accurate sound. I have an adjustable electric table, so the length of the cables is important to me (but not critical, you can get by). Do not know if it is worth wireless. I'm not looking for something too massive, in terms of size. Some speakers that caught my eye, but do not have any of them, I would love to get a recommendation for something good under 1000 NIS. Logitech Z625 ..770. & Kg = & list = 1 & sort = 2 & glist = 0 & u
  4. Hello I am considering purchasing an electric adjustable table from Softek. Are there any recommendations regarding such a table, or perhaps other companies that you should check with regarding such a table? Thanks
  5. Thank you! So there is nothing to worry about or should I try messing with the BIOS or any software to change it? I work with raw material quite already in the premiere so I'm a little apprehensive about it not turning around while working.
  6. Hello, I have a gigabyte GeForce 2070 Super video card. I bought less than a year ago. Today by chance I opened the computer to clean up dust and noticed when the fans of the video card do not always work. Do not know if it's something in the settings in the computer turn on they work, then stop. When I run a heavy computer, they do go into action. But for some reason when I run Adobe Premier and play the timeline they do not turn around. I used TechPowerUp GPU-Z to check the situation there, so I attached pictures of the computer during normal operation and while running a game. I checked connections and all that, everything in place (from what I saw). Am I missing something here, is it okay that they do not always work (Mo.)
  7. Okay thank you. I'll check it out, thanks for the help.
  8. Okay thanks, I'll check. But I'm still thinking of taking the Lenovo All In One. Are there any problems with the AIO computers? Or is it something durable that can be trusted?
  9. My dad does not care so much, all she wants is a big screen (because he does not see best), and something that can be easily moved if one table is needed to a shelf where the computer will stand when not in use. So come on I do not really care about a laptop or AIO or mini. Not that I feel like starting to break my head over building a computer just for that, and it also adds more things that need to be moved. So I do not mind investing in something like this: as long as it is something durable and does its job, and will not spoil within half a year. Again, I do not have much knowledge in things that are not a stationary computer. So that's why I'd love to know if AIO is something you can trust. Of course 23 inches is much much more t
  10. Thanks. Not one understands this, but is it worth checking out All in One computers instead?
  11. Hello, I am interested in purchasing a laptop with as large a screen as possible that is intended for office work, Word and Power Point mainly. As one who has used stationary computers all my life, I have 0 understanding on the subject of laptops. This is a computer designed for my mom, she does not want a stationary computer, and prefers a laptop even though she does not take the computer out of the house. The budget is up to 5000 NIS. The main thing is a big screen (as much as possible), good resolution, no need for gaming. But something that will be powerful enough to run YouTube videos and all that. The battery is not critical, because it is a computer that stands still and always near electricity. For me, the company, I do not need a touch and all kinds of sticks beyond that, something simple, it should come with Windows 10 in Hebrew.
  12. Hello, I am interested in purchasing an electric adjustable table, something like this: % D7% 97% D7% A9% D7% 9E% D7% 9C% D7% 99-% D7% 9E% D7% AA% D7% 9B% D7% 95% D7% 95% D7% A0% D7% 9F- % D7% 9E% D7% 91% D7% 99% D7% AA-% D7% 92% D7% 9C% D7% 95% D7% 91% D7% 9C-% D7% A6% D7% A8% D7% A2 % D7% 94 - / Do you have any recommendations for recommended stores or tables? The need is a table that you can work in front of standing and sitting for hours (which I think is pretty obvious) thanks.
  13. Hello, last week there was a phone number calling me. When I first answered there was no answer, just silence. Same thing when I tried to come back. At that time I was waiting for a call from a technician, so that's why I answered and called back. Since then I get calls from the same number, only in different versions of the number. The number starts with 054091 or 054931 and the suffix changes. I think it's something automatic as I get 3 calls a day in the morning, almost at the same time. I block the number each time, but each time it is from a different number, with the same beginning but a different ending. Is there anything that can be done? Somehow to do a specific filtering and blocking just for the beginning of the number, or something else? I have downloaded some programs that block calls, but all of them can be blocked
  14. Hello, this post probably proves that I have a serious OCD, but today I plugged a new SSD into the computer, and for some reason its icon appears differently from the other two drives. It looks like a CD icon for some reason. It doesn't bother me that much, but I wanted to know if there was a way his icon would appear in the normal way, like the C and D drive I have. By the way, don't know if it's related, I had an E drive that was the hard drive that stopped working, so it's no longer connected. Thanks
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