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  1. Thank you so much to all the respondents! Regarding the allocation of memory to the graphic core. We will consider and update what I did and what happened. As for the SSD. I did not take a risk and put 2.5 drives. And they work great.
  2. I was going to ask where I find guidance on how to change the allocation of RAM to the graphics core.
  3. I would love to get an exact address of the specific Antiochus .. Thanks in advance.
  4. If you've already read then go ahead. Can I change it manually? Oh, such a see and sanctify.
  5. I did load default settings. did not help. And as I mentioned in the opening, the latest BIOS version does not change anything. How do I manually reset the BIOS?
  6. I installed a new operating system. [Details in attached photo] In this board and system let me use only about 6 out of 8 GB. I tried 2 different sticks of 8 RAM per unit, one of 2400HZ and one of 3200HZ and had the same glitch. There is also another problem with some NVME SSDs that the board simply does not recognize, and others that restart solves the detection problem. With SATA drives through the 2.5 connector there is no problem. Both the mouse and keyboard stop responding sometimes, and return to respond when disconnected and reconnected. Trying to check if I put them on USB 2 will solve. I tried updating BIOS to the latest version, and it did not help. I also have another identical board, and the same glitches. So this is not a faulty unit.
  7. In Ubisoft games, no overclocking helped me on the 1200. The 3600 cruises between 20 and 40 percent utilization.
  8. I upgraded the Reisen 1200 to 3600 processor on a B350 board and an RX580 card. There is a huge improvement in Ubisoft games that have really faltered before because of a load on the CPU.
  9. Take it easy, who can recommend a professional and reliable lab from his experience?
  10. I see I was not understood at all. I need the contents of the disk not the disk itself. What I wrote that apparently there is no need for recovery, I mean that probably for the repair will only need to repair the reader head, and not restore the disk.
  11. Apparently there is no need to recover information but a hardware repair, because the disk probably hit / fell.
  12. I have a 1 TB WD blue hard disk. When you plug it in, you hear the disk rotate normally but the head makes constant "ticking" noises about each other, and the disk does not appear anywhere on the computer. I would like to get a recommendation from experienced friends, to a reliable repair lab. Thanks in advance!
  13. Wow! Perfect processor and an even more perfect review. Only missing to complete a Premier test.
  14. On the contrary! I upgraded from 1200 to 3600, and I want to see the improvement. So if you have an idea, I would love to follow.
  15. I meet the definition of an amateur editor. And I have the combination of Photoshop 20.9.4 Nreisen 3600. I would love an idea of ​​how to push Photoshop to the edge so I can see it in the task manager on 90% plus.
  16. Every graphic artist works on Premier? And what about architects? 3600 is the ideal processor for a mainstream productobotor that does not edit video and edge 4D, etc. And you have not yet answered the question of whether and which photo, know how to eat more than XNUMX cores for a meal.
  17. In my opinion the Reisen 3600 is the most suitable processor for the budget graphic artist. Photoshop and Illustrator already know how to utilize more than 4/6 cores?
  18. I repeat. This processor has sold a lot as productivity and should definitely review this aspect as well. There is life after gaming. [And before him ...]
  19. It's definitely a processor for productivity, even if Premier users do go for more than eight cores plus, this processor is definitely great for graphics, architecture, etc.
  20. If you did not understand what I mean. So I wanted to see performance tests on Endbreak, Premier, etc.
  21. Disappointing review! Gaming is not everything in life. Why did you not also review productivity ??
  22. Temperature monitoring software.
  23. I don't think it's incumbent on them to do away with the Akintosh market so much as to spend so much on a dedicated processor. It's just a profit on the road. Except that many years of support for the X86 and the Mac are far from dead.
  24. What is the budget? And is it urgent or can you wait longer for an overseas order to save money and give more choice
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