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  1. I currently do not have the ability to invest in a new system so it is irrelevant. As for the computer immediately 2, it probably will not add much to the situation and I will have to come back here if the same problems very soon. Right now I will go for the offer to buy an SSD that will be used by the computer for now. Thanks so much for all the help!
  2. I do not think it is possible to find a better system for NIS 500 in hand 2. As for the RAM, from experience with other computers, for basic uses it is still possible to get by with 4GB of RAM, so I would rather stay in the current state instead of replacing the whole trinity == new system. What's more, if the computer still crashes, the SSD can be used by me in the next system and I will only lose the processor. The main question is, is upgrading the processor the best solution for this system based on a relatively outdated motherboard that supports LGA 775, or are there other processors that will do the job better. Same thing about the SSD :-)
  3. Hello, I have a relatively old computer at home that is still in daily use. In the last year, it has been faltering at a level that is almost unusable. I wanted to try to save him with some new parts. Currently the specification is: CPU: Intel Pentium E5300 RAM: 2x2GB DDRR Hard Drive: WD 320GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT MotherBoard: MSI 2A78h HP branded computer from the 2009 area. Most RAM, nor is there a need for a better video card for everyday use. Switch to Crucial MX500 or Samsung EVO 870 with 500GB. and beyond the best possible CPU within the limits of the motherboard, probably Core2Quad Q9550. I would love to hear suggestions for changes or suggestions for better replacements Thanks in advance!
  4. Happily! Which is better and how are they compared to Crucial's MX500 or Samsung's 860 EVO?
  5. What about the $ 40 equivalent PNY drive? What is better?
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