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  1. I understood thank you very much
  2. First of all really thank you very much for the answer indeed when I changed the variable name the problem worked out and of course I use indentations but I have 2 questions 1. Does not when I write with parentheses it does not only refer to a function? 2. What is meant by tags, in Python I do not use these markings <>
  3. Hello everyone I get an error message TypeError: 'int' object is not callable when I try to load this code def welcome (name): print ('Hello', (name), 'and welcome to the World of Games (WoG). \ nHere you can find many cool games to play. ') def load_game (): print (' 1. Memory Game - a sequence of numbers will appear for 1 second and you have to guess it back \ n2. Guess Game - guess a number and see if you chose like the computer \ n3. Currency Roulette - try and guess the value of a random amount of USD in ILS Gets an input from the user about the game he chose. ') game = int (input (' Please choose a game to play: ')) if game> 0 and game <4: print (' You have selected ', game) difficulty () else: print (' Please enter a number from 1 to 3 ') load_game () def difficulty (): difficulty = int (input ('Please choose game difficulty from 1 to 5:')) if difficulty> 0 and difficulty <6: print ('You have selected', difficulty) else: print ('Please enter a number from 1 to 5 ') difficulty () welcome ("Guy") (load_ga me ()) I get the error message when it goes into the def difficulty () function: and the answer exceeds 5 as much as I try I do not understand why if someone can help I will be very happy
  4. I would also love to hear an opinion on which I would like to sign up for with the devops course
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