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  1. It makes perfect sense.

    Minister Kahlon (who is a human brother) has always advocated not to harm civilians ...

    This is very nice ... because the head of his party (he is the prime minister) is on the other side of the barricade - Bibi is in favor of privatizing the whole (and privatizations are good for the rich).

    That's why I really like him very much.

  2. When the new installation goes into effect (in the 2011 start area I assume) there will be a NIS 35 release fee for everything except:

    1. Packages containing books - up to 5 kg

    2. Packages containing anything else (except tobacco and alcohol) - up to 2 kg

    So when the new regulation goes into effect:

    The only option to avoid this draconian commission (assuming I do not purchase books abroad):

    That the goods will be sent to me by any means (including envelopes of any size and includes packages) only that they do not pass the 2 kg?

    Can be sent in packages of any size only not to exceed the 2 kg?


  3. Listen, it certainly sweetens the bitter pill.

    Because many invite sites with amounts up to $ 50 ...

    And until 50 $ it will remain as it was until now = no VAT, no customs duty, without the new draconian commission.

    Need some products from DX?

    Divide into a number of transactions that will be sent separately ... (also, it can be proven in an INVOICE that it cost less than $ 50).

    Also in- You can close with quite a few sellers (right, not all) on an arrangement that will prevent crossing $ 50 in these and other ways.

  4. In the aspect of comparing how many people will receive from a customer who is disconnected (0 $) and how much they will receive if they leave it (84 NIS per month), it is clearly preferable to leave (although they leave me on a package that costs almost every private customer - much more).

    Although I still do not know why it is worth it for them to leave this "Fatah" every time (as of this package, as I continued with it), as nowadays one who joins HOT is a minimum cost of 209 NIS per month with a commitment to 3 years or 224 " Month commitment to 18 months.

    But the impression here is that at this price it simply does not pay them to leave their subscription (see Alex Turovsky).

    Glad that everything will finally work out ...


  5. I would be happy to have HOT ... but at the same price ...

    We'll see what finally ended ... because from what I understood a disconnect technician always tries the "last chance" to leave the client.

    But maybe you're right ... that at this price it's just not worth them to leave me.

    It was not that I gave up-I'd've been glad to stay in the wires.

    Just when I think of what I'm watching in 90% of the time I understand that DDTV will give me what I need.

  6. There is no doubt that the price of these DDTV converters is the most profitable to tens of percent among "TV users" in Israel ...

    Of my friends - most of them consume their TV culture from 2, from movies they watch through Strummer.

    And there are those that just because the 5 channels, 1 + 2 which broadcast LIVE Football + Basket games are left in cable or YES.

    If I finally connect to DDTV ... I think it will satisfy me because I am almost watching only the 2 channel.

    It seems that sometime - slowly DDTV broadcasts will begin to spread more and more, more and more content will enter ...

    And people - like many here ... will realize that they do not need HOT or YES for their expensive prices when they mostly watch 2 or 10 ... (and that will certainly be a good and reliable quality in the near future).

  7. That's what I did ... They would not stay at the same price.

    I said that I had a similar offer at YES ... but they claimed that they knew all the possibilities of YES and that there was no possibility that there was a track on 80 and something NIS in YES ...

    Then they transferred me to customer relations. They told me that a few days before the end of the contract, I would be contacted about the separation.

    I have no idea what it means: that they may have decided it would not be worth their while to keep me on such a track Even at the cost of losing a customer ?

    In any case, I already purchased the KONICA converter - but in any case it can be canceled if HOT will give me what I want ...

    I wonder if they will give up a customer so easily ....

    what do you say?

  8. Hey,

    No ...;

    I do not have a clue why they just did the all-in to get me into their TV service ...

    I did not agree to any of their suggestions ... until they asked me if I would agree that a representative would come to the house and offer me "really" what they do not offer anyone ...

    And that's what happened ... The representative came and just asked me if in 80 NIS for the digital base package + VOD converter I would agree to connect to HOT ...

    I do not have anyone on HOT (now they want to raise the price by NIS 15), I live alone ... I rent an apartment alone.

  9. I just received a response from Shai Hermesh's office:

    I hope they will really do something if it is not just talking, but at the same time it's in the good direction.

    MK Hermesh did the right thing - both the antitrust commissioner and the tax authority - written on this issue - and not the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Communications (which I understood many other MKs have turned to).

  10. It should be understood that MKs receive tens if not much more than 100 miles from citizens like us (a bare mail on the MK's private page on the Knesset website).

    So that you will understand them if some do not answer or that clocks send the same formula to dozens - hundreds of citizens who approached them on the same subject ...

    I work personally against a very active MK in the Knesset whom I know (not personally ... I am the Labor Party) MK Shai Hermesh From the front ... who told me that he was being treated by him after he received some 100 emails on the subject ... he said he knew that many of the MKs were also treated in a similar manner ...

    In short, it was possible to register from it that was created among our legislators on this issue.

    And that's important.

  11. Hey!

    I did not write that they would make it a problem to disconnect from them ... I asked if they would give it up so easily for 1 NIS per month ...

    About the DDT: Is there a way to know how the quality of reception in the central part of Tel Aviv (Sheinkin-Rothschild area)?

    If the quality of reception varies between converter and converter ... it is really important to know which converters have better reception quality ... Is there a place to compare by accident?

    With regard to the law that is going to come in very soon (I realized that in November): I understood that the companies would raise prices by 100% in order to maintain profitability ...

    So that this reform will change something - because the commitment will be shortened ... but the price will rise ... : bash:

    Indeed, I paid 80 NIS for a basic digital package + VOD converter.


  12. Hello!

    My commitment to Ends with 14.11 ... I wanted to stay ... but I was not prepared to raise the price they demanded (the price I currently have for Base + VOD Converter is 80 NIS and want to cost NIS 15 per month).

    If they're not ready, I'll just hang up.

    the question:

    1. Is there a chance that even a "small client like me" will not give up so easily for another 15 NIS per month?

    2. If I do disconnect from the HUT - I want to go for the DTT because even when I watch this TV in 90% of cases 2 channel ....

    Do you have any recommendation for a particular converter whose viewing quality is the best?

    In addition to the converter ... will I have to install an antenna on the roof?

    Thank you!

  13. I edited the email list so that it would be convenient and simple to copy it and send it to the party-party (there is a comma between each address):

    Tip: It's the smart ones who shout less, who usually look for headlines and TV time - they're the ones who work the most serious way!


    ravraham @, radato @, yedri @,, eaflalo @, zeevb @,,

    zeevik @,, zhanegbi @, mwahaba @, ozuaretz @, yhasson @, ahason @,

    shermesh @, tiviaev @, zlivni @, smolla @, shaulm @,, gezra @, chaimR @, mshitrit @,, oschneller @, rtirosh @


    yedelstein @, meitan @, Zelkin @, oakunis @, gerdan @,, ggamliel @, ddanon @, zhotovely @, myaalon @, mcachlon @, hkatz @,, llivnat @, ylevin @, dmeridor @, bnetanyahu @,, ypeled @, dmeridor @, sshalom @,,,, kshama @, yiskatz @,

    Israel is our Home:,, rilatov @,, aliberman @, ulandau @, slandver @,, anmichaely @, amiller @, smiseznikov @, amarh @, fkirshenbaum @,,, shemtov @

    the job, dbensimon @, abraverman @, ehudb @, iherzog @, matanv @, syechimovich @, ecabel @, oritn @,,, ssimhon @, ytamir @

    Shas, aatias @, eamsalem @, yvaknin @,, eyishay @, amncohen @, izchakec @, amichaeli @, ymargi @, mnahari @


    horon @,, nhorowitz @

    In order not to flood, you can copy a section of several emails and send to one MK at the main address and the rest you want (not a large amount) as a "confidential copy" ...

    Success for all of us!

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