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  1. Retail licenses are also sold at ridiculous prices. Is it legal? Here: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Retail Operating System Microsoft - zap (
  2. Thanks for the detailed answer, the model you introduced is an i7 with a 256GB hard drive. Therefore, I would prefer this model, that the CPU is weaker, the hard drive is larger, and the price is low. Dell Vostro V3500-5600 Dell Laptop - Zap (
  3. By the way, I am also exploring the possibility of buying without an operating system, and installing separately. I started a discussion in the nearby forum, where I wondered why the prices of the ZAP operating system are much lower, and how one can buy an OEM operating system separately from the computer. Buy an Operating System - Windows - HWzone Forums
  4. On the Microsoft website, the price of the HOME operating system is 700 NIS. Surprisingly, on the ZAP website the operating system is sold at a much cheaper price. Why? Is it legal? In general, they also sell an OEM operating system. From what I read, OEM is an operating system that sells with How to buy OEM separately? I would appreciate your answers.
  5. Oops, sorry. The link has been dropped. Here are four alternatives: Comparing Laptop Models - Zap Price Comparison (
  6. In conclusion, I am debating between four models. 1100 NIS difference between the cheapest price and the price. What do you think about the models? Do you think the Elitbook is worth another 1100 NIS?
  7. Thanks Yoav for the response! I am familiar with these reviews on best laptops etc, they are usually divided between business and home computers. My case is complex: I want the quality of a business computer, but the performance of a home computer. I prefer to purchase in Israel, because of the speed of delivery (especially now that there are no flights) and the Hebrew keyboard. I think the latitude I presented above is pretty good, and I would love if someone would offer me something better than it.
  8. Hello and welcome I want to buy a laptop for home use. Performance: The computer will be used primarily for typing, emailing, and possibly browsing. And sometimes, viewing photos and videos from your home camera. In short: allow for poor performance. Reliability: But I want the computer to be used by me for good years (say: 7 years) will not break or break down, and will be reliable and strong. Convenience: I want it to be comfortable to use. Good keyboard, bright at first. Good touch surface. Good screen and pleasing to the eye. No folding computer or touch screen required. Specific details: Budget: up to NIS 4500, but on NIS conditions
  9. Thanks for the response! For my curiosity and education, how does one know such a thing? On Schneider's website they describe the drive in words: PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD In a review I brought from a notebook check site they describe the drive in words: Toshiba KBG30ZMT512G, 512 GB M.2 2280, PCIe NVMe How do I find the difference?
  10. Here is a comprehensive comparison between the T590 and E590[]=308380&specs[]=310074 In this article Lenovo-ThinkPad-E590-Review, they greatly defame the SSD of the E590, and claim Which causes performance problems. Very scary 😢
  11. And how about expanding warranty? Is it worth paying NIS 390 for a three-year warranty at the customer's house? This is a risk management question, and the question is to the experienced, is the responsibility important.
  12. Good argument. Below is a comparison of the two models,19476, the cheaper computer weighs another 325g, and its battery is weaker, the warranty is for a year and a lab, but on the other hand it is cheaper for NISX. If we upgrade the warranty, the gap will be NIS 2600. And that's a fair amount. Before I decide, I'd love to hear more reviews. Thank you so much, Napoleon Forty-Five!
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