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  1. Before I buy - is there anyone who deals with it in the country for repairing faults? I do not want to send to China to arrange something. Do you know the brand? Reliable? Thank you all
  2. The site's recommended computer system has a built-in option to contact Ivori for a quote. CP understands why not, but Ivory's not that bad with the advantage of handing in a computer for repair with a need near the house rather than an hour's drive to Polleg.
  3. 1. There are screens with a built-in camera but the supply is very poor and this is not the case in the big stores. 2. Need a computer with reasonable capacity - zoom with 30 participants need resources 3. Recommend 24-inch screen - more space for all participants. Such a screen with built-in speakers is not expensive for example https://ksp.co.il/?uin=35601&select=.1024..230..1102.&txt_search=
  4. Hello I am looking for games that are controlled with the mouse and a little keyboard. What worked out for me was mainly Diablo and his like - torchlight, grim dawn, titan quest. If there are similar games, including action games that the character control is similar? Thanks
  5. Level enough for my needs. If so, it is equivalent to an 400 video card that is considered to be a cost-benefit calculation on a budget computer
  6. In terms of capabilities - which normal video card is equivalent? I play little - Diablo 3 and GRIM DAWN were the last I actually played - is the card enough for such games in medium settings? Thanks
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