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Hebrew Hard language - an accelerated "guide" to Hebrew


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The amount of messages in the various forums is very large, and with the increase in the number of users and messages also increased the number of messages with spelling errors,

Spelling errors that sometimes make it difficult and hard to understand.

We'll address the most common errors:

"If" and "people"

The first, with the parent ("if"), is intended to specify a condition such as IF,

"If Danny picks up oranges, he'll have juice"

The second, with the uppercase ("am"), is intended to indicate an addition like WITH

"You eat an egg with an egg"

The same mistakes are repeated in cases of "on" and "to"

The first, "on", was noted to be something above something, like ON

"The screen is on the table"

The second, "El", is intended to express reservations, or comes to prevent something, a warning.

"Do not do , Otherwise the computer will burn "( : smile1:)

Other errors, such as basic errors of object biases, in the first person. For example, the word always begins with A, not with God or Y., as I have encountered here many times.

not me הAnd it is very important to you, "and not" me יAnd it is very important to you, "but" me אAnd thank you very much. "

Another relatively common error,

In the words that appear in ch. Followed by a sound like T, there will always appear T, not T.

Like AzeטSoft, and not slowטI will not join.


***This "guide" is not intended to educate anyone, but is intended to preserve a certain atmosphere, a more pleasant and clean atmosphere***

***This "Guide" is open to further suggestions, and to the following issues, if you have any suggestions, you are invited to publish them here, Unrelated messages will be deleted without prior warning***

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The use of punctuation is welcome. It is very important, for example, to enclose sentences at points so that the reader will not get lost. Which of us does not know such messages?

"Yesterday I bought a new computer I tried But he gets stuck all the time I do not understand what's going on here Can someone help me? "

The correct way to formulate such a paragraph is:

"Yesterday I bought a new computer But he gets stuck all the time. I do not understand what's going on here. can anyone help me?"

In addition to the point there is the importance of the comma. Sometimes one sentence can be drawn along a ridiculous length, and the stop serves the reader as a landmark to find its way.

"The parachute allows the flying vehicle to glide in case of engine failure, but prevents it from flying at high speed." It is not mandatory but it is very easy on the eyes. ;)

Another spelling error is the addition of God to a second body. Thus it turns out that the word "you said" becomes "her saying", "you did" rolling "to" and so forth. This addition is superfluous and completely erroneous.

Please keep the order in writing. After all, you are the ones who want to convey the message.

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In addition to the point there is the importance of the comma.

Take an example:

[USA lR] [/ \] [link = topic = 146237.msg1293118 # msg1293118 date = 1132792964]

Do not forget that there is a sonox and a sponge absorber that absorbs all the distortions that Bassas give because of the case you said a relatively small room with too high power and besides I do not turn up the whole volume because I pity the ears and in addition I have a processor that processes me aces on the border clean and immediately on clean and Twitter In addition to the equalizer in short I do not have sounds that swallow hear all the sounds exactly I made acoustic room that I can hear all the sounds exactly They are swallowed up in isolation and so you get clean and precise music Not just came to me people To give me an opinion and to give an opinion where to put sonyx coating and sponge in order not to get shakes from objects and refunds of Glee Cole invested a lot of money on the most expensive materials and quality construction and design amazing and I did not spare anything for such results and today see and hear results should see and hear To let him know that the negative opinion you give before you hear it is just in the air

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Many also do not put a point at the end of a sentence (required syntactically).

Something else: In Hebrew there are situations in which different letters sound the same. For example: And so forth. Be careful not to get confused, especially when there is a word in which there is such a sequence of letters, such as: forgetting (and not You forgot). Note that the C indicates a higher pitch.

כVery robbery-no secrets.

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Another classic example of the importance of the comma (and the Hunter)

Try to understand something

Believe me I do not feel sorry for them but leave what you understand from life Apparently there is no one to talk today in this world about the truth and justice that beautiful and rich people will always enjoy living on the backs of the ugly and the poor and the world exists. People have already forgotten what justice is and if you talk a little about justice they make you crazy. You do not understand that this is related to the fact that they are ugly and if you were to investigate it thoroughly and think well you would understand that other people who commit suicide mostly commit suicide because they are lonely or poor or ugly. And believe me that the Palestinians do not see anything in the prison and shit there and they eat shit there and even if they see cables do not forget yet that it is a prison or a sanatorium and they are not free and there is a schedule and less food and shit. Life in prison is also with YES and with 70 virgins and with computers and DVD and if what you do not want will always be in the trash because it maybe if you think good thuk Authenticity: Prison and not a hotel.

Think good Their mothers raise them to be shahids because they are frustrated that they are poor and ugly and the Israelis conquer them because beautiful and beautiful Swedish mothers would not raise their son to be martyrs because they have a lot to lose because they are beautiful and enjoy life and sex much more than mothers The Palestinians who sweat as if they do not know what and take their men 10 hours to end up in the disgusting bed and hot and no air conditioner and they sweat and unshaven and then they remember how they look they look in the mirror all their desire. At least for one thing agreed with me: LG and most of them are quite ugly and it has been progressing so if you think well again in depth it also makes them commit suicide if and if you have a problem with my commas You do not have to read the comments and must understand what I mean and do not have to comment because anyway you will not agree with me. And if you say that the majority of the population who commit suicide are students, then it's no wonder that they commit suicide because once they become such smart and educated people, at last they really understand where they live and how Controls them and their land and how ugly they are inferior and exploited and then they come to the conclusion that they should commit suicide because what is there to lose. You can never judge them and understand their thoughts. You do not live in their bodies. We're talking about GT, GTX, computers, cars, nice houses, things. And they talk about Kobe pots and okra bombs and chargers and I do not say that it's all and not worry about them because there are also richer ones but most of them especially those in the refugee camps live like this.

Think good to yourself and do not judge other creatures. You do not live in their bodies. If you were a bacterium you would cause the disease, if you were mosquitoes you would sting, if you were lions you were predatory and there is also a lot of chances that if you were Palestinians then you would commit suicide because you are ugly poor and zealots.

I do not consider the mosquito that stings me nor that it has malice intent but rather that it simply needs the fee and just kills it because it harms me. And does not take into account the bacteria found in my body and takes a drug and kills him because he makes me sick and makes me feel bad and I want to survive and the same thing for a suicide bomber who came to kill me and I would prefer him to die before he kills me because I just want to live.

But think that in the next incarnation we will become the bacteria or the mosquitoes or the suicide bombers, so what are we going to do and what will they do to us?


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Another thing that Dye repeats in the forum, one specific word.

Written writersתSea, with T., and not corruptטSea with T!

The strange version with the T is the root of SHT, such as slaughtering, ritual slaughter, etc.

Rather than "corrupt politicians."

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