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Intending to order a dfi board but debating ..


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Today I order a dfi board for a really heavy overclock (a board that will reach 360+ htt)

But what to go for ??

About Infinity or Lanparty ??

The differences between them are so great ??

Thank you Sagi

360 HTT is a private place

But why 360 is more than 3.2 GHz

If you do not have Venice 0517 you will never do these speeds on air and even on gas you will have a hard time stabilizing this Hunis on 3.2

Know Take the infinity that makes at least 340 HTT

Talk to me (I might have an equation for you Talk to me 209686390)

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I want htt 360 because I can be bringing in a new processor with good + + styling

And also because I bring Good for Uber clock that require high voltage bh5

BH5 are not good for OC

Get out of the dream!

Most of them do not pass 260 bass

True Yishai have good timings but MHZ is more considered than timings

Good stepping you will not bring!

0517 are very rare and even OCER will not give them up (of course you will not find a new one)

Optron 939 - No longer only comes with Steping N (like CAB)NE) And even if you get an N (about 20 percent chance) he will not bet you from high speeds

SD are no longer overclockers like they used to be - today they are barely making 2800 on air

Email Core - You can dream of an OC over 2700

Winchester - not a fortification, some with a week of memory visits that do not know how to achieve speeds High and there is no chance you will get 0448

Where private is a waste in my opinion

And by the way you need to arrange a fan to control the voltage so that the board does not child you because of the 4V

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And maybe I bring good tccd + that will do 650 MHz and I need a motherboard that will reach that speed

TCCD 650?

You will find such, we will see you ...

Let me explain something to you

TCCD When working on 3448 or 650 timings you generally get less performance than with TCCD 600 at 3338 (TRP is an important timing)

You want to pour another 200 NIS on a board that will not give you anything, please

It's your money.

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What way can the Infinity reach ??

Because my friend has Anparti and it reaches 480 htt

Why do you need high HTT ?!

It does not help at all!

The maximum you need is 400 which is 100% OC and it is only provided you have gas or other means

The Infiniti reaches at least 340

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From what I have heard, there are not many Infiniti that do 340 .... and there are some that do not reach 310 at all .....

You'll be surprised

My Infiniti makes a 345 stable frame!

And 370 with a drop of instability

My friend's infinity makes 335

You probably heard wrong


כל 4 makes nice speeds but the problem with GB is that their PCB stinks so much that the board can hold aces if you change them when it works

(Under Windows) Albe is very hard on his shit PCB to do a bot properly on high HTT

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