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Possible! SLIx4


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Who can fund a general 4 Powerful to connect them to such a thing.

You'll be surprised but there is

Connecting 4 cards is possible by 2 Chips of nForce 4 Separated

Which means you can put 2x 7800GTX 512MB and 2x 7800GTX

Power supply for it or 2 supplements with the help of CoolerMaster Stacker or other combo

Or supplier like PCP & C 850W SSI

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PCP & C 850W SSI

3 12V rails with 16A 16A and 30A with common flow of 54A and 60A at ​​peak

Or in other words up to 650W of power over time and up to 720W of power at peak only in 12V

I think it's enough to run any 2 arrays you want

They also have their 1KW

Also 3 12V rails with 16A 16A and 36A with common flow of 60A and 70A at ​​peak

In other words up to 720W over time and up to 840W's peak power only in 12V

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