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Stun Gun


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

To be electrocuted you have to close a circle

Need to distinguish between 2 types of electrocution

Electrocution from 220V at home - usually with an electric shock such as the electrical trigger (phase) of the current and the current flowing through the body into the ground. In such a case the resistance is quite high because the track through the body is faster and there are the opposite shoes and soil. Therefore, the current is relatively low but still dangerous because it passes from the hand touching the source of electricity to the foot touching the ground through the chest and heart.

Electrocution - A shock from a market occurs when a circuit is closed with the 2 of the socket, in which case the current of the current through the body is quite low and therefore the resistance is lower but the current of the shocker is limited.

In any case electrocution above 30 milli amper is an immediate danger to the heart.

Lancers work on a very high voltage that can break through (lightning) the clothes and skin very easily but their current is very far from being fatal to the heart.

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There's a little irrationality in what you're saying

Or at least missing something ...

When you are electrocuted at home (220V) the current is relatively low, but it is dangerous

But you wrote that the current is high, but that you are not dangerous

Unless you mean that the current at home (220V) is low relative to the current of the current flowing through the wires

At home, which is quite a lot, so it is relatively low for it, but still dangerous

And the current in Shoker is relatively high relative to ... relative to ... batteries?

Sorry, I'm just trying to figure out what you meant

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Most of the edits in the original announcement came out of a mess

By electrocution in the stream house, a path is made from the hand touching the foot touching the ground. The electric shock at home can give 20A not to say that by electrocution we accept all of them, we must also consider the height resistance of the body and the shoes.

In electric shock, the current of the current is one clamp of the screw to the other. In theory, resistance in this case is significantly lower (so the current can be higher theory), but the controllers are designed not to give a current higher than 30, so that they do not pose a mortal danger.

Shuker works at a very high voltage so there is no direct contact with the skin, the high current can break through lightning through clothing and leather.

The low current combined with high voltage brings great power through the body, which paralyzes most of the body's muscles for a short period of time and reflects the nervous system that works itself on electrical signals.

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I asked my teacher a long time ago and he said the average shoker is 1A.

And in the socket in Israel the voltage is not constant and the 220 AC is rising and falling in 50-60 milliseconds or / and the runners can not remember.

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I asked my teacher a long time ago and he said the average shoker is 1A.

And in the socket in Israel the voltage is not constant and the 220 AC is rising and falling in 50-60 milliseconds or / and the runners can not remember.

The runners

And I do not think your teacher knows what he's talking about

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Fixed voltage size (ie, 220V)

Its simple direction changes 50 / 60 times per second

(Ie frequency of 50 / 60 Hz)

The truth is not exactly true, because for the direction of tension becomes gradually changing, but comes out

The average voltage is 220V.

However, the maximum voltage reaches 300 and something if I remember correctly

But again, what is important here is the average tension, because the changes are so fast that the tension

The average is the real tension

Therefore effective, the voltage does not change from 220V ever

The average shoker can be 1A, but it depends on its voltage

Because most of them work on And the power is constant in the batteries, then if P = VI (power = voltage * current)

And P (power) constant, so if the voltage increases, the voltage decreases accordingly, and vice versa

Since the average voltage is around the 10K volts or so, then the current must be very small,

In order for the power to remain constant, so Shocker does not transmit an 1A stream

On the other hand, you can take a shocker, and change it with a transformer so that the current is 1A, but by chance

Such a strain will be very small relatively, but it will no longer serve the original goal of the shoker ...

(Which is designed not to cause damage, but only to disable)

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You will realize that over 30mA there is a very high risk of death due to cardiac arrest

No Shuker gives 1A any dream

Search Google "Stun Guns current mA" and you'll see that everyone gives a single number of milliseconds (around the 3-5mA)

Your teacher does not understand anything

Even if Schocker was able to give 1A body resistance in life would not allow such a current to pass through


In current stun-gun models, the amperage is relatively low (2.1mA to 3.6mA) which is based in part on the electrical supply, (for example M-26 Taser models use 8 x AAs batteries). Electrical current above 100mA is considered to be potentially lethal to humans.

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By the way, the reason why working with lower voltages (110 volts) in some countries is to reduce the chance that you will die from electrocution

Simply because of this (if you once wondered why there is a different tension between different countries) someone once set a standard for this matter

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Electricity in Israel is 220 effective voltages. In reality, it costs 320 (something like that) and goes down to 320.

And one amp ... never ..

You die easily from this ..

The flow in the shakers ... probably a few amps

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What matters is not the maximum / minimum

What matters is effective

And if I'm not wrong in the US the voltage differences between the terminals are 110 (effective)

But compared to the ground each of them 55 difference, so the voltage if you get electrocuted

Will only be 55 (I did not close on it, but I heard it somewhere)

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  • 3 months later ...

Well, well, I'm reading all the experts here and I've completely freaked out. This is primarily intended to open the subject. : Silly:

I think that we have to make order in a mess because I am also in the search for the drunkards ... and to my sorrow or to my joy I have already received an experience.


Voltage = Volts

Stream = amperes

The average shoker does not exceed the 5 milliramer and this is what prevents the average person from irreversible damage.

The voltage of the average market watchers ranges from 10,000 volts to 500,000 volts (poking half a million!).

Usually the high voltage holders are professional and come in the form of batons and the like even though there are such lokers in a normal look.

Understand, everything is individual. There are those who will stop him for a long time (about fifteen minutes) and there are those that will cause them to contract muscle immediately but no more. It depends on several factors; The weight of the person, where you electrocute him (in the limbs, for example, will not achieve desired results ...), the thickness of his skin, the thickness of his clothes ... and of course the intensity of the device.

Basically the best place to give the electric market is at the waist, the center of the body in the back or chest or just in the neck ...

You heard about the Teaser? I'll attach you a link to the site where you can see some nice videos about what their gun can do and you'll understand !! This is about 50,000 only! ;)

As for the rest of the shoppers who sell in the Israeli market, it is not much, and I invite you to see what happens to bullies and people on treifles with crazy energies that fall to the floor like a sack of shit ... So to say that it's "just bouncing" I do not think ... Made a pizza delivery (a messenger of Dominus) and this brought him down to the floor for a few minutes during which time they robbed him : nono: (Do not put ideas into your head ...)

The goal is to immobilize the muscles of the person who is electrocuted for a while and this they do excellently. I think the 100,000 Volt will do well : yelclap:Unless you plan to shock people massively.


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What can I tell you? I came especially from abroad in order to do something for you and to bring up a subject from a few months ago : screwy:I found it all on Google and felt like reacting ... Take a human bullet.

And what should I do when I write in bold ... Do you have a problem? Find yourself a life. : hi:

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