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What about the following players: IPOD Video 30GB VS IRIVER H340 VS ZEN Vision M 30GB


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I want to buy a player that will provide me with the following: good hearing quality, large volume, image viewer (important to be able to transfer directly from camera to player), and time good

From what I have examined, these three musicians answer more or less the demands.

What do you think I should choose?

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

The only one that allows transfer from a camera to this player is the H340 but it depends on the model of your camera ...

By the way I have the player and it is excellent!

are you- You'll get rid of me right away it's just shit ... and the vision m is also really good ...

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I had H340 and now I have ZVM and both are excellent players and just pity that ZVM does not allow transfer of From a camera

IPOD can buy an add-on that will not allow a bit to transfer files but it is not safe to see them in short, just a complication

Take H340

Oh and there is also the X5L

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You should do a search because they talked about these musicians a lot.

In any case, IPOD also has a connection (as a paid extension) to the camera.

Note that the H340 is larger than the IPOD and the creative if it matters to you.

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I think it's too late for the 3XX.

Although I am very pleased with it, and I think it has the best audio quality.

I think that it is still using a polymer Li polymer that is not a small drawback =

And the battery is not removable, so it's even a more serious problem that it's over.

I've heard a lot of features, and it's just not the same level of quality as the Iber and the Audiovisual.

X5L has the annoying part with the external USB port, and I do not like its interface.

I think the ideal choice among these players is the Zen, which has a nice interface similar to the iPod, Treo Li-Ion and excellent audio quality.

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