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Macintosh and Design ...

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In my opinion one of the strong features of the Mac is the design, with each computer designed, and includes a unique design line for each model, if it is the island Which definitely showed a refreshing design, or if it's the G4 that showed its power in aggressive and strong design, and if that's also the IBOOK that was fashionable and pleasant to carry, relative to the black rectangles of the various physical manufacturers ...

So what do you think:

  • The Mac design appeals to you?
  • Do you think this is the right way to invest in design?
  • Maybe it's a bad marketing gimmick?

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So what do you think:

  • The Mac design appeals to you?
Definitely yes. Especially the G4 computers and the amazing screens they sell.
And I assure you that you would agree to pay a lot of money for a case with such a high finish as the G4.
For example, I bought a Suntek imitation (the M2000) that does not come close to the Mac's ankles.
The Cube (now discontinued) is a cool computer with an original idea and an excellent solution to the noise and awkwardness of a modern desktop computer.
I liked the different iMac models, especially the difficulties they stacked up against any simple upgrade.
What's left? Mobile devices. They come with a yo-yo power supply. Very cute.
On the other hand, the first models really looked like a toilet seat, you'll understand ...
  • Do you think this is the right way to invest in design?

The answers are up and down, see above.

Apple's mice are of course an excellent example of terrible design. And it also includes the Pro-Mouse, not just the Round (or as it is called the mock-Puck).

In this field Apple has been in the form over matter for many years and it's a shame.

  • Maybe it's a bad marketing gimmick?

It's a safe marketing gimmick. But that's not why Apple can not sell more.

The real reasons appear mp; num = 1002814500 '> here.


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