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Mac vs. PC

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I have a suggestion to buy a computer 8 cores and put on it MAC

Price of the computer 5000 NIS more or less

And it is equivalent to Mac PRO 3 performance

Is it recommended and if there is anyone who knows it?

I know people who work with such systems, from my experience at this price it is certainly possible to bring a computer parallel to Mac Pro 8 cores, but not 12 cores.

But as Creirin said - it can only be equal if it is made up of suitable components and the system is correctly installed with a neat DSDT.

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This spinach is quite dead but it is time to recommend to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive way to buy In Israel (with the most important Hebrew keyboard ...)

I bought about two months ago BOOK PRO 15 "grumbled at iDigital in Eilat, as they promise they really lowered their VAT and did not raise the price.

Of course it is more expensive than the US but the difference is really not terrible, there is no need to go etch the keyboard and most importantly for those who are difficult to bring things from the US This is a great solution

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It's from my experience!

So one of my friends, she owns a graphics studio somewhere in South Africa.

I was there on a visit before 3 years ago.

The word MAC and also They were welcomed in my visit, by the residents of the place dressed luxurious and royal!

Well I do not really understand this severity and I never thought of comparing it to our home hardware until I got to her office.

I've seen that all of the office computers are portable And Mac

She explained to me that for graphics work (rendering conversion editing and so on, this hardware is the best) _ (it was my first week ... and the truth is I was pretty hurt by this explanation ... because I love the NVIDIA)

So for a few days, I sat there on the internet (and it was that they still paid for BANDWITH) and looked for the differences.

The main thing I read from experienced people is that Mac knows how to manage the work better, and that means faster !!!!!!!

So I thought to myself .... but we have today (it was then yes?) ... with 2700K Of 1866 and this should grind the MAC name in the office that was with the HD6870 card. _ (Like what it is to grind .... it will still be hungry!)

We are good friends from the 90 years and they are from a very large and affluent family (like all the Jews there). So I went to one of the family members I knew he was Not small (beyond his profession of And traveling every month) and he could help me.


So there was no 2700K

But he had an 2500K with 16GB 1600MHZ. (And GTX680 card)


In short ... I put the stationary in front of the mobile to render a few scenes.

Mobile mac sony So rose 1700 $

The stationary rose around the 1000 $ (because the GTX680 was still fresh)


1080 file size 3-4 GB

The definitions were defined by our Israeli guys who were her employees and did most of the work.

The stationary finished the file in the area 15 minutes faster than the mobile !!!!




Today their office has _ (which is really quite new)

One computer with 6850K and 3000MHZ memories

All other computers are 6700K and 2400

The stunning JACQUI is not ready to replace the laptop and stayed with the _ (But I think it's her FETISH)

But there are some that have taken Quality I7


But in the work section, the Mac has more tools and more databases, so working with it is more convenient for them.

Today they no longer place the APPLE in front .




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