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I got the WII!


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Do not talk nonsense about something you do not understand : pissed: : pissed: : pissed:





Of course there is more and that is just the beginning

WII has a very good variety of games

Although there is no Hello Killer on the way but there are enough games in any field I can think of him

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Listen, you see that you are not The kind I talked about, you're more like classic games.

So let me tell you something, for Who loves murderous games, the graphics makes a significant difference, And sometimes It is the difference between a murderous game and one less,

And you agree with me that the graphics are really weak on the Wii, so it will not always provide The kind I'm talking about.

And I'm also sure that the number of murderous games Will not be like those who went to the PS3 and 360 because Nintendo will also invest a lot on the classics (too much in my opinion)

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Nintendo invests in many types of games and gives a lot of variety

Together if the support is very strong this time of third-party companies

Really take advantage of the 360 \ PS3 in terms of graphics need Quality

Which currently costs a lot of money

And fine graphics is just part of the game

Look what grades the new Zelda received and is the port of the cube

In any case, WII is much cheaper to develop games and takes less time

And it can greatly affect third-party companies

You 're talking about As if she had only old games

But Nintendo has a lot of new games

Take for example a trauma center that received good reviews for example

This is a game that will not reach 360

The new Zelda gives better play than Avilion and Blue Dragon

And that's just a watering game

Microsoft had a year ahead and according to the WII's next year

Very quickly the WII gameplayer will be better

So you stop throwing things away

Saying that the 360 graphics is better is true

But 360 also has a lot of problems that can attack it very much

Like the failure in Japan and the lack of success in Europe at the moment

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where are the pictures?

Umm ...

In recent days I have not touched on WII because I have not had time (CS is hard to stuff)

I promise in the near future to put a little mouth here ... and maybe a few more clips I'm going to upload to YouTube ... I have to ask a friend of mine if it bothers him

Today I play ...

See photos later or tomorrow

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First of all Zelda is not just a water game, it's one of the games that are a symbol of.

And no matter what, like I said, gamers of the kind I'm talking about, the graphics are very, very important, and it's very important for a game to become such a murderous and psychotic game, (Regardless of the game itself)

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I did not say that it does not matter, but to say that graphics actually constitutes the amount of money that the game is worth is nonsense

There are more games than graphics and they are not judged on graphics ... and only you know that most games based on great graphics are not so good at the end and not deep enough

For example, Doom 3

And do not teach me about Zelda

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First of all, it will be renewed. At 350, I would go for 360.

Ninetto brings something new and refreshing to the world of games only, and it's in the ability to control the player, I would say that she played it.

As far as the console is concerned, it is a console that I would call the beta version, it is weaker than the first box!

If you are looking for net games and gave up in the section of enjoyment than the graphics / sound / everything related to this consulate game for you otherwise it is impossible to think twice PS3 or 360.

God- 360 is Perfect in my opinion, just hoping that all the burglaries are coming soon / far :(.

The PS3 meanwhile is disappointing but I'm waiting for it to be fully marketed and after that we'll see what it's worth and what it is, you can not judge it as a pen.

What's more, in terms of hardware, the PS3 takes all the consoles and its marketing cost is crazy, so the price is expensive.

Have fun with the In my opinion, at first it will be fun but then it will start to get a bit tired.

What a combination of this "smart" sign + quality graphics with , Which will probably be the future will make it much better.

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The WII is more powerful than the first Xbox

It's hard today to see this because most of the WII games are ports

Or based on cube games

But give WII time and the graphics will get better

Except for Meza who said that if you buy Today you will not be able to buy 360 or PS3 in the future?

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WII has service free

That you can play Multiplayer for free / surf the web (if Opera to WII) \ and get rid of games and add-ons for games

But it's basic service

And online multiplayer games will probably only go deeper into 2007

In any case do not expect to LIVE but it is free at least as opposed to LIVE

And enough for the players not heavy

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As far as the console is concerned, it is a console that I would call the beta version, it is weaker than the first box!

I was a little exaggerating, I would say ... The WII is indeed much weaker than the new consoles that have come out but have not yet learned to develop games and take advantage of all its capabilities.

Indeed, I would not expect the improvement of heaven and earth but its graphics will improve and certainly better than the first Xbox.

The same story about the PS3 - כל The games that have been released until now and probably those that will be released in the next two months - do not take advantage of the console at all !!

Most of the games that exist both on PS3 and XBOX360 look and move better on the XBOX360 !! Proof ?? Why not please:


So give the games Some time, at least until the second wave or the third .. Same goes for the PS3 - and remember the following sentence: KILLZONE for PS3 is going to be the game.

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