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I got the WII!


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

If you make a simple 250 dollar account now it's 1050 considered

Who come and sell it more than twice the real price is exaggerated

Europe has a price that must not be passed ... This store imports privately and therefore it takes so much money

Let you know that parking lots are selling For example, are not recognized by two times what they buy and that is why it is theft in light of the day 2500 shekel ... may even be even cheaper them then at all

Whether there will be official imports or a large company like Depot for example, then the prices for my taste will be lower

Verify? 2000 was considered acceptable even though it was still expensive ...

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There are rumors of downloading after a few months + extra colors

I think they'll fly And will lower some dollar service as in Japan

That's where the 212 is a dollar

So the price must have dropped to the 2000 area in Israel

My problem is that the sign in the sand + Nantucko is $ 60 and in Israel probably much more

But third-party companies will start making signs for the WII. I believe it will be possible to obtain a normal price

Another sign

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