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xbox vs. ps3


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360 rules !!!!

The entire purchase in six months is just perfect !!! In six months, a version for 360 is scheduled to be released Small ones of 65nm, which will solve the warming problem (I'm also waiting: -X).

360 has a lot more games than PS3, if you play mostly in FPS, Racing and Sports, 360 is just for you!

It has a breakout, which the PS3 does not have. It's much cheaper. Its remote control is much more convenient, while the PS remote control was always from Aaphan (at least after you feel the 360 sign) and it does not even vibrate ...

In connection with the- vs 360, it's unclear ??? First of all, you can play games of the - Also in 360 (but not sure of all), 360 has full games that do not have the usual Box, the graphics at 10 levels above. Do you really need an explanation ???

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Look, it's not really urgent for me because in about a year I'm going to the attic and then I buy And a new console-if only it could come

But the question of what the prices will be?

What about the price range? (Of PS3 and XBOX / XBOX 360)

And what will be for another six months - eight months?

Edit: I play mostly if not just racing and sports (soccer and basketball)

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I'm not a prophet, but I'm from the rest that 360 will be better even in 6-8 months.

What's for sure, The usual is not better and will not be!

In terms of price range, for what to just try to predict, wait and see ...

In general, this Heath is not necessary, if you buy so much longer, wait for that time and only then ask, and you will receive the best advice!

As for editing, I did not understand you so well::)

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Is the PS3 technology not preferable? ???

In terms of games there are / a lot of games?

In the editing I meant that I played a lot and especially sports and races.

Can you connect a console to a computer? As if to the screen of the computer?

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In the meantime, the games that go out to 360 show better graphics than the PS3 (I'm talking about games going to the two consoles), but as time goes on, the ramps are reduced, even in the future the locks will be minor.

About games:

בשביל (Real and normal sports games), there's no difference, maybe all the sports games (all the ball and hockey games) go to both consoles.

For racing, the 360 takes, take for example the FORZA 2 that got 9 or something in gamespot and has Paul cars (300 environments if I'm not mistaken).

PS3 has a few games in the meantime, but a lot of development, but in the future I do not think it will take the 360, but again, there is no need to gamble, you are still waiting.

And you can connect a console to a computer screen, there is no reason not to.

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I recently bought the 360 and plugged it into my 42 inch inch living room and it's just amazing.

I always thought the computer was more fun and comfortable to play but now I sit comfortably on the living room with the wireless remote.

The gameplay is different and amazing.

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The developers still do not know how to work with the PS3 processors, but even after they knew the difference and the 360 would not be that big, at least not something that would take it into account when there were games, hacking and nonsense.

And again, you have to close the Thrash !!! Half a year is a period in which a lot can change, you can not set another six months at 100% !!!

It seemed just stupidity to me!

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