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iPhone, for me or not?


IPhone, for me or not?  

1,562 votes

  1. 1. IPhone, for me or not?

    • No Generation 3? Basic camera? And lots of bugs? No thanks...
    • A breakthrough in technology and design, buys immediately
    • Too expensive for my taste
    • It is APPLE, I will prefer other alternatives
    • I What? PHone? What is ?

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Agree with the theme of the speaker, just unbearable all these crap with their oriental.

For me I do not care at all about the speaker b , But there are rumors that iPhone2 will come with 2 Stereophonic, that would be nice, because since when are there cradles with an iPhone?

The launch date is not yet known,

It is said that it is today at 8 o'clock, but this is the time the conference (WWDC) opens, the conference is three days, so it is not known when it will be announced. (Maybe today, maybe tomorrow and maybe on the last day of the conference).

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LOL ^^

I have seen about 4 iPhones in my life, one of them for such a pesky boy (not really a cradle but), another for someone fine, another for someone whose parents buy everything and another at some convention with an older ... In the middle of the ceremony in the auditorium he sat 2 lines Before me and browse the internet! It was such a beautiful ...

Anyway, let's hope the price of the The new one will not be too expensive because I plan on it ...

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