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Clive Barker's Jericho - Main Discussion


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For those of you who enjoyed the demo of this cute game, the game came out today.

Personally, I really liked the first one, hope I like the new one just as much.

Distribution: Codemasters

Development: Mercury Steam

Genre: Horror Action Adventure

Number of players: 1

Exit: Oct 23, 2007

Background and plot *:

Somewhere in Africa, a few thousand years ago, the Samaritans arrived in the peaceful city of Jericho (Al Qahdi). Nice characters after all. During their stay in the city, the Samaritans found them quite friendly and a mysterious box. Well, what does an average Samaritan do when he finds a strange box in the middle of the desert? Yes, yes, he probably makes a serious mistake when he opens it, and actually opens a bridge from the world of evil directly to our world. Suddenly a huge storm begins around the city, swallowing up everyone inside. Ouch. painful!

Well, a few hundred years go by, and the Romans come to the area ... add a few hundred more, and here the Crusaders begin their killing sprees ... and even the soldiers of Nazi Germany land and are swallowed up in the mysterious storm. What to do that the residents of al-Qahdi have chosen to build their miserable city precisely in the same place where evil is interested in breaking out again and again.

Maybe it's time to address the issue? what do you say ? 'Clive Barker - Jericho', sends you, as a group of six warriors with special powers, such as telenkissis - who can steer bullets to the target, or the ability to see through walls, or even freeze the immediate environment - treat and shut off this tap of pure evil inside The same city is inhabited by demons, spirits, and people from ancient times. Exactly how these gangs of superheroes gathered inside Jericho (Al Qahdi) is not really known, but for sure, their powers certainly help, especially when you discover that you can run two of them simultaneously, like seeing through the wall the giant skeleton standing peacefully waiting for you to emerge Around the corner to take you down with one blow, and navigate towards him a bullet in the head. Useful I said? Wait, this is also a pretty big group, six companies is quite a bit, and it's true that when you start in the open areas it's pretty easy to deal with, but as the journey in the city continues, the group falls apart, and the tasks become harder and harder when done in groups of two or three. Well at least firepower and ammunition don't really have to worry since we have a friend who has a fire demon inside his hand ...

The monsters are invested, and especially insane, ranging from resurrected suicide companies as cruel monsters, to people who have collected 2000 years of disease to explode next to you and release towards you stinking gas full of generations upon generations of bacteria, or Templar children who grew tree roots instead of hands, and fly To them through walls. And this is just the beginning.

MERCURYSTEAM, released the game in collaboration with CodeMasters. Among the well-known developers of the game 'Doom', who are tired of weak robots, and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the dark gothic horror, created an amazing game full of effects and creepy, running on a new engine the team has developed, full of blood-splashing effects, living and breathing environment - light effects Amazing and creatures that look too realistic, all with the blessed help of Clive Barker the horror books artist. Scary !

* Credit: Freak Website ( )

System requirements-

Minimum Specification:

* / Vista

* CPU: Pentium 2.4 GHz or Athlon 2400+

* RAM: 1 GB

* Graphics Card: GeForce 6600 / X1600

* 9 Compatible Sound Card

* 2 GB Hard Drive Space

* 2x -ROM Drive

Recommended Specification:

* / Vista

* CPU: Intel 2 Duo or 64 X2

* RAM: 1 GB

* Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 or X1950

* Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Card

* 2 GB Hard Drive Space

* 2x -ROM Drive

Distributor's Website -

Game Homepage-

Reviews -

$ 40 to download via STEAM from here

First reviews-

Meanwhile three scores of 80 which is good, only two (which are not considered professional) who gave 60/68 respectively ruin the average and a pity.

80 Play MagazinE

I would've enjoyed more variety in the enemy fodder, but what's available is certainly creepy and intense. Clive Barker

should develop more games. [Nov 2007, p.65]

80 GameTap

Unlike many squad-based shooters that do not require the use of the whole team, Jericho's premise relies on it. What's equally important is that each character is genuinely worth playing.

Read Full Review

80 GameDaily

One of the best horror games to come out this fall, with horrifically imaginative creatures and dark, blood-covered environments.

Read Full Review

68 Zone UK

The action is quite a laugh and oddly refreshing. But it repeats and repeats and repeats. [Dec 2007, p.78]

Read Full Review

60 Game Informer

If broken gameplay mechanics and community college acting didnt weigh down the game, it might actually be worthwhile.

Read Full Review

% 7Boption% 7D[/ im]

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Prominent participants in the discussion

I played the game itself cute but not who knows what.

There are better ones like STRANGLHOLD, And more ....

But still I will download the full one!

In Yoshok it is a matter of taste and smell ...

And the second game you mentioned .... one of the most entertaining games there is ... especially in the main hips created around it and the poor value it brought ...

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I actually really liked graphics ..

I played in his blood, there's something in the world where the game I did not like is going on, I can not point to what but.

What you did not like is that the game is slow and encouraging .. All the battles there are slow and annoying ..

Take Kwak 4 for example, the feeling in it is just completely different ..

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I think there is something unclear and incomprehensible in the world and in its graphics,

I liked more the graphics of the worlds in:

bioshock, half life 2, call of jueraz

In Jericho the graphics are too conspicuous (sheer) :P And it all jumps to my eyes I love the graphics of HL and CRYSIS, .

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Okay, I just spent two hours in the (full) game.

Stunning ! I really, really liked the background story! The most mysterious game!

The story goes something like this:

You are the commander of a special unit that is sent to the most extreme places, the unit is built

Out of 6 soldiers, each soldier has a certain kind of power, except for the commander, you have to cooperate and control the rest

Soldiers of the unit in order to take advantage of it, DA as far as the US is concerned this unit does not exist at all, such a cool secret section ...

At first they show her asleep and then the phone rings and there is a call, before the phone rings they show a kind of weird part like this that you walk in the desert with such an alien child

It is not clear if this is a dream or a vision but this child will be seen later and I have a gut feeling that he is going to be a very central part of the plot.

You land on the battlefield you still play the captain but after a few minutes of play ... well I will not tell you ..

Really good game! Excellent haha ​​!! Just one of the best graphics that I really liked (it's quite individual) and already as I said also the story is a nice background ...

The only thing that bothers is the part of the fights, the guns feel so weird and the fights are slow, but not terrible ..

Well, I'm back to play. :P

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Spoiler? This is really, really the beginning .. and I will bring pictures in a hurry..although you can also bring from the demo ..

I will edit and add ..


I can't put up On the site .. you can not put over 500KB here, I put them and then the site gets stuck .. I used to shoot in JPG

With paraphernalia but now I have a problem with it ..

I passed another hour of play and I must say that he will be much better after the first two hours !!

Just great..and getting used to a battle system!

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